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Measuring the stress-strain relationship of correlated electron materials

日程 : 2022年8月30日(火) 16:00 - 17:00 場所 : Zoom及び物性研究所大講義室(A632)(ハイブリッド開催) 講師 : Clifford W. Hicks氏 所属 : School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham, U.K.
Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden, Germany
世話人 : 岡隆史 中島多朗
e-mail: danwakai@issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp

  It is common procedure to measure the stress-strain relationship of engineering materials, but much less so for correlated electron materials. Reasons that this is a challenging measurement for correlated electron materials include the difficult mechanical properties of many electronically interesting materials, the need for low temperatures, and the need for strains of order 1% to observe interesting electronic effects. In this talk, I will tell you about the stress-strain relationship of the correlated metal Sr2RuO4. Compression along the [100] lattice direction drives the largest Fermi surface through a Lifshitz transition, from an electron-like to an open geometry. We find that the Young’s modulus has a sharp dip at this transition, by about 10% of its zero-stress value. This large effect can be explained mostly by band structure effects alone. Beyond the Lifshitz transition, the Young’s modulus rises by more than expected. I will also show Hall effect data, that indicate a pronounced change in electron-electron scattering across the Lifshitz transition.



(公開日: 2022年08月05日)