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New Trends in Quantum Condensed Matter Theory 2021@ ISSP U-Tokyo

日程 : 2021年7月26日(月) - 2021年7月30日(金) 場所 : オンライン Zoom 世話人 : 岡 隆史 04-7136-3280(ex.63280)
押川 正毅 04-7136-3275(ex. 63275)
e-mail: oka@issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp / oshikawa@issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp

This workshop will focus on diverse exotic phenomena that emerge in
quantum materials. The materials are characterized by strong
interactions between charge and spin degrees of freedom accompanying
non-trivial electronic structures. Studies on these complex systems
have also led to surprisingly rich theoretical concepts which
encompass other areas of physics such as high-energy physics and
quantum information. In this workshop, we highlight the latest
progress to stimulate future developments.

Due to the recent covid-19 pandemic, there are fewer opportunities for
international exchange and presentation of research results,
especially by young researchers. We aim to compensate this situation
by organizing this workshop in online format with young theorists who
have made significant achievements in Japan and abroad.

For more information about the conference program and registration, please visit the following website. The ZOOM URL will be sent to your registered email address.


(公開日: 2021年07月09日)