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Functional Materials Group

The Functional Materials Group (FMG) is one of two new trans-divisional and interdisciplinary research groups and deals with excited states and dynamics in systems with hierarchical and inhomogeneous structures, including chemical reactions and dynamical processes in biological systems. Recently, time-resolved spectroscopy of excited states and non-equilibrium states, nano-scale observation and measurement as well as operando spectroscopy/measurement have greatly advanced. Theoretical analysis based on first principles calculation and data science, computational simulation methods for non-equilibrium quantum phenomena such as Floquet engineering have achieved a remarkable development. There are already pioneering works done at ISSP along such directions as mentioned above. To get started, several current faculty and staff members of ISSP have been assigned to the core members. The core members are expected to provide seeds of collaboration and organize a research team involving other divisions and facilities as well as researchers outside ISSP. It is particularly important to collaborate with research facilities of ISSP so that their advanced and unique resources can enhance the scientific quality. By taking advantage of being a joint-use/research center, we can always invite external researchers to collaborate on new subjects. The FMG should work as an open platform for such collaborations.

YOSHINOBU, Jun   Research Contents Group's Homepage
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MORI, Hatsumi (*3) Research Contents Group's Homepage
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(*1) concurrent with Neutron Science Laboratory
(*2) concurrent with Division of Nanoscale Science
(*3) concurrent with Division of Condensed Matter Science
(*4) concurrent with Laser and Synchrotron Research Center
(*5) concurrent with Materials Design and Characterization Laboratory