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Supporting Facilities

ISSP provides various facilities to support research activities such as the cryogenic service laboratory for supplying liquid helium and liquid nitrogen, the machine shop for various machining, and the radiation safety laboratory for safety in experiments that utilize X-ray, γ-ray and radioactive materials, and the library. In addition, by opening the Laboratory of Nanoscale Quantum Materials in 2022, ISSP has enriched our capacity for research and experimentation including nanofabrication among others.

Laboratory of Nanoscale Quantum Materials

Our goal is to promote solid-state physics research by fabricating novel materials into micro- or nanoscale devices and linking them to various advanced measurement technologies at ISSP. The laboratory staff is available for consultation on fabrication processes and provides advice and training to users. Users within the institute can use the equipment by themselves after appropriate training. Users outside the institute can also use the equipment under the joint-research program.

  • Electron beam lithography system
  • Maskless photolithography system
  • Focused ion beam processing system
  • Dry etching system
  • Atomic force microscopy system
  • Scanning electron microscopy system
  • Laser microscopy system
  • Wire bonding system
  • Electron beam deposition system
  • Sputtering deposition system
  • Atomic layer deposition system
  • Dilution refrigerator system

Chairperson:HASHISAKA, Masayuki
Research Associate:ENDO, Akira
Technical Specialist:HASHIMOTO, Yoshiaki

Cryogenic Service Laboratory

Cryogenic Service Laboratory supplies liquid helium and liquid nitrogen, provides general services concerning cryogenic techniques, and manages high-pressure gas cylinders for the researchers and the students in Kashiwa Campus. The laboratory has its own liquefiers to produce liquid helium from the evaporated helium gas that is recovered and purified for recondensing. The recondensed liquid helium is transferred from a 10,000 L storage vessel to various small storages for users by using a centrifugal immersion pump system. The liquid nitrogen is purchased from outside manufacturer. In the fiscal year 2022, liquid helium of 242,000 L was produced, of which 160,000 L was supplied to users, and liquid nitrogen of 752,000 L was supplied.

  • Helium liquefier system Ⅰ (Linde) 200 L/hr
  • Helium liquefier system Ⅱ (Linde) 233 L/hr
  • Liquid helium storage vessel 10,000 L
  • Liquid nitrogen storage tanks 20,000 L
  • Heloum gas recovery compressor 190 m3/hr
  • Centrifugal liquid helium pump system 20 L/min

Chairperson:TOKUNAGA, Masashi
Technical Specialist:TSUCHIYA, Hikaru
Technical Specialist:SAGIYAMA, Reiko
Technical Associate:SHIMIZU, Miku

Machine Shop

The machine shop consists of a metal shop and a researcher’s machine shop, which are equipped with various facilities for designing metal. They supply researchers required various original devices and instruments.

  • Metal Shop : Five-Axis Universal Machining Center, Numerically Controlled Lathe, Numerically Controlled Milling Machine
  • Researcher’s Machine Shop : Universal Lathes, Precision Lathes, Milling Machine

Chairperson:KINDO, Koichi
Projedt Specialist:KAWAGUCHI, Koushi
Technical Staf:MURANUKI, Seiji
Technical Staf:OKABE, Kiyonobu

Radiation Safety Laboratory

The aims of this laboratory are to protect researchers from irradiation due to radioactive sources, X-rays, γ-rays and so on and to provide rooms for radiation experiments and radiochemical operations by use of unsealed U, Th and sealed 22Na sources. Various types of survey-meters are provided.

  • The rooms for radiation experiments and radiochemical operations (unsealed U, Th and sealed 22Na source)
  • various types of surveymeters
  • 7ch hand-foot-clothing monitor

Chairperson:YAMAURA, Jun-ichi
Project Specialist: NOZAWA, Kiyokazu


To contribute to the research and educational activities of researchers of joint-use and joint-research as well as inside the Institute, the ISSP Library collects and makes available journals and books, mainly on condensed matter physics.

Chairperson:HASEGAEWA, Yukio

Information Technology Office

Information Technology Office operates the local area network in ISSP, and WWW servers for the ISSP home page (https://www.issp.u-tokyo.ac.jp), and it provides other servers to support all the users in ISSP.

Chairperson:KAWASHIMA, Naoki
NOGUCHI, Hiroshi

Information Technology Office

Public Relations Office

The Public Relations Office is responsible for disseminating information about the research results and activities of the ISSP to the general public.

Chairperson:KATO, Takeo

Public Relations Office

International Lieson Office

To promote the international collaborative research and the internationalization of the Institute, the International Liaison Office assists in administrating ISSP International Collaboration Programs that includes the visiting professorship program and ISSP international workshops.

Chairperson:HASEGAWA, Yukio
OTANI, Yoshichika

International Lieson Office

Counseling Services

A broad array of counseling and referral services are provided to students, faculties and staffs.

Chairperson:YOSHINOBU, Jun
Counseling Services

Stock Room

Stock room supplies stationery and parts that are commonly used in research and experiments.

Chairperson:NAKAJIMA, Taro
Stock Room