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Division of Condensed Matter Science

Discoveries of new materials, for example, high temperature superconductors, organic superconductors, graphene, and topological insulators, have often opened new horizons in materials science. Application of extreme conditions of low temperature, high pressure, and high magnetic field have also revealed various unexpected properties of matters, such as superconductivity and quantum Hall effect. The goal of the Division of Condensed Matter Science is to uncover novel phenomena that lead to new concepts of matter, through combining the search for new material and the precise measurements under extreme conditions.

Each group in this division pursues its own research on synthesis of new materials and high quality samples, or on precise measurements of electric, magnetic, and thermal properties, based on their own free ideas. Their main subject is to elucidate various phenomena which emerge as a concerted result of electron correlation, frustration, symmetry, topology, and molecular degrees of freedom, in various materials such as organic conductors, atomic layer (two-dimensional) materials, and topological materials.

Member(*Leader) Research Subjects
IDEUE, Toshiya
Associate Professor
Group's HP
  1. Exploration of novel physical properties based on symmetry control of two-dimensional materials
  2. Quantum rectification effect: Nonrecirpcoal transport, superconducting diode effect and bulk photovoltaic effect
  3. Quantum phase transition: Electric-field-induced superconductivity, topological phase transition, magnetic order control etc.
  4. Quantum measurements of two-dimensional materials
MORI, Hatsumi
Group's HP
  1. Development and studies of structural and physical properties for novel organic (super)conductors and proton conductors based upon molecular degree of freedom
  2. Development and studies of structural and physical properties for electron-proton coupled molecular functional materials
  3. Studies of responses by external stimuli (magnetic and electric fields, temperature, pressure) for molecular materials
  4. Study of organic field effect transistor
OSADA, Toshihito
Group's HP
  1. Topological properties of organic Dirac fermion systems
  2. Electronic structure and quantum transport in two-dimensional materials
  3. Quantum size effects through ultra-thinning on electronic properties of layered conductors under strong magnetic fields
  4. Angle-dependent magnetotransport and interlayer coherence in layered conductors
Associate Professor
Group's HP
  1. Search for new properties in multi-orbital strongly correlated electron systems
  2. Functionality related to topological magnetic structures
  3. Design and elucidation of novel electronic phases based on molecular orbitals
Associate Professor
Group's HP
  1. Study of strongly correlated-electron systems at ultralow temperatures
  2. Study of thermal Hall effects of charge-neutral excitations in insulators
  3. Multipole orders studied by NMR measurements
Members holding a concurrent position
Project Professor
Group's HP
Main; School of Science
Concurrent with Division of Quantum Materials Group
Visiting Professor
DRICHKO, Natalia
Visiting Professor