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Division of Condensed Matter Science

newmaterials_photoDiscoveries of new materials, for example, high temperature superconductors, organic conductors, graphene, and topological insulators, have often opened new horizons in materials science. Application of extreme conditions of low temperature, high pressure, and high magnetic field has also revealed various unexpected properties of matters, such as superconductivity and quantum Hall effect. The goal of the Division of Condensed Matter Science is to uncover novel phenomena that lead to new concepts of matter, through combining search, synthesis and characterization of new materials.

Each group in this division pursuits its own research on synthesis of new materials and high quality samples, and precise measurements of transport, thermal, magnetic properties including nuclear magnetic resonance. Their main subject is to elucidate varied phenomena which emerge as a concerted result of strong electron correlation, topology, multipole, and molecular degrees of freedom, in transition metal oxides, heavy electron systems, organic conductors, atomic layer materials, and topological materials.

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(*) concurrent with Quantum Materials Group