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We carry out precise measurements under non-destructive pulsed high magnetic fields that are generated by capacitor banks and flywheel DC generator installed at the facility. Various magnets have been developed at user’s requests. Up to now, available field conditions for users are as follows. 1. Short pulse magnet: Pulse duration 5 ms, maximum field 75 T 2. Mid pulse magnet: Pulse duration 30 ms, maximum field 65 T 3. Long pulse magnet: Pulse duration 1 sec, maximum field 43 T Short pulse magnet is used mainly for magnetization measurements on insulating materials and Mid pulse magnet is used for various measurements on metallic materials. Our magnet has been breaking the world record of non-destructive mono-coil field and we continue to develop a new magnet aiming at the new world record of 100 T. We have installed the flywheel DC generator on May 2008. The generator enables us to generate long pulsed field with the duration of 1 second. The Long pulsed field is used for the heat capacity measurement under high field and the ρ-T measurement can be done by use of flat-top field. Higher long pulsed field is under development.

Profile of magnetic field for Short pulse magnet. The maximum field of 85T is the highest record for mono-coil field. This magnet is used for the 75T-measurements as a user’s coil.
Profiles of magnetic field for Long pulse magnet. The maximum field of 43 T is used for the heat capacity-measurements under high field.

Research Subjects

  1. Study on magnetism of quantum spin systems
  2. Study on magnetism and conductivity of strongly correlated electron systems
  3. Development of non-destructive 100 T-magnet
  4. Development of ultra-long pulse magnet