Kindo Group

Professor KINDO, Koichi
Research Associate ISHIKAWA, Hajime
Project Research Associate IMAJO, Shusaku

Research Subjects

  • Development of Non-destructive Pulse Magnets
  • Study of Spin-orbital Coupled Mott Insulators at High Fields
  • Study on High-field Electronic Properties of Organic Conductors
  • Development of Physical Property Measurement Techniques in Pulsed Magnetic Field

We perform materials physics research based on the precise physical property measurements under strong pulsed magnetic fields, which are generated by the tailored pulse magnets with various strength and duration of magnetic fields. We perform e.g. magnetization measurements up to 75 tesla (T) in 4 msec, resistance measurements up 65 T in 30 msec, and heat capacity measurements up to 43 T in 1 sec. We aim to develop the pulse magnets that can generate 100 T non-destructively or ultra-long pulsed magnetic field. We explore quantum magnetic or conducting phases at high fields in strongly correlated electron systems including spin-orbital coupled Mott insulators and quasi-two-dimensional organic superconductors. We synthesize the materials of interest as well as investigate the novel materials developed by the collaborators.

Magnetization curve of a 4d transition metal Mott insulator GaNb4Se8. The featureless magnetization curve with small magnetization indicates that the nonmagnetic ground state with an excitation gap larger than the energy scale of the magnetic transition temperature TM = 30 K is realized.
Low-temperature electrical resistance of the two-dimensional organic superconductor κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Cu[N(CN)2]Br in high fields. The superconductivity is suppressed by magnetic field and shows the transition to the normal state at upper critical field Hc2.

Publications and Research Highlights