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Takagi Group

Associate Professor TAKAGI, Rina
Research Associate URAI, Mizuki

Research Subjects

  • Search for new properties in multi-orbital strongly correlated electron systems
  • Functionality related to topological magnetic structures
  • Design and elucidation of novel electronic phases based on molecular orbitals

In strongly correlated electron systems, various electronic phases can be generated by slightly changing chemical properties (element type and crystal structure) or the physical environment (temperature, magnetic field, and pressure) of the matter. Our group is interested in electronic phase transitions and topological structures, in which charge, spin, and orbital degrees of freedom interact with each other. By combining material synthesis, macroscopic measurements of physical properties such as magnetization and electrical conduction, and microscopic techniques such as scattering experiments and nuclear magnetic resonance, we aim to elucidate the physics behind the phenomena and to design new electronic properties, especially by focusing on molecular orbitals in crystals. Our research targets cover a wide range of materials, including inorganic crystals such as transition metal compounds and rare earth alloys, as well as molecular conductors. Specifically, we are exploring new properties and functions related to topological magnetic structures, and novel electronic phases in molecular conductors under pressure.

Schematic of topological magnetic structure generated by magnetic interactions mediated by conduction electrons in a multi-orbital strongly correlated electron system.
Nuclear magnetic resonance measurements (bottom left) and synchrotron X-ray single-crystal structure analysis (bottom right) in the antiferromagnetic metal Au(tmdt)2 (top) reveal a magnetic phase transition induced by intramolecular charge transfer.

Publications and Research Highlights