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Nakatsuji Group

Project Professor NAKATSUJI, Satoru
Physics, School of Science
(concurrent with Quantum Materials Group and Division of Condensed Matter Science)
Phys., Sci.
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Research Subjects

  • Room-temperature topological transport in magnetic materials
  • Strange metal behavior and unconventional superconductivity in strongly correlated materials
  • Manipulation of topological states for spintronics and energy harvesting applications

The condensed matter physics is considered one of the most versatile subfields of physics, embracing big ideas from particle physics, cosmology, and quantum information. Recently, the concept of topology has brought up a new era in condensed matter research that integrates a diverse spectrum of fields and topics, bridging basic science with technological innovations. Thus, it is critical to push beyond the traditional disciplines to establish new conceptual framework and to target at the significant problems. Our research activities focus on designing and synthesizing new materials with emergent quantum properties that have never been seen before, then exploring the physics and functionalities of such properties with our world-leading measurement facilities. Our goal is to lead the innovative quest for new quantum materials that bear a far-reaching impact not only on basic science but also on our everyday life in the future.

a. Hall voltage vs. write current Iwrite for the Mn3Sn/ Pt, Cu, W bilayer devices. b. Illustration of the multi-valued memory device. The multi-valued Hall voltage is achieved by changing the lower limit of the write current, . c. Spin-orbit torque switching realized in Mn3Sn. [Nature 580 , 608 (2020)]
Crystal structure of Fe3X (X = Ga, Al). b. Temperature dependence of the anomalous Nernst effect. c. The nodal web in momentum space. [Nature 581 , 53 (2020)]

Publications and Research Highlights