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The discovery of new phenomena is at the forefront of research in condensed matter physics. This is particularly true for the inorganic materials, which provide an important basis in current electronic and information technology research, which keep providing numbers of macroscopic quantum phenomena due to correlations among the Avogadro numbers of electrons. Thus, the search for new materials that exhibit new characteristics is one of the most exciting and important projects in the materials research. We have synthesized new materials in so-called strongly correlated electron systems including transition metal compounds and heavy fermion intermetallic compounds. Our interest lies in quantum phenomena such as exotic superconductivity and anomalous metallic states close to a quantum phase transition, novel topological phases in magnetic metals, quantum spin liquids in frustrated magnets, and their spintronics application.

Magnetic behavior and crystal structure of Mn3Sn. a, Anomalous Hall effect in ferromagnets (left) and in antiferromagnets (right) induced by bending the trajectory of conducting carriers by magnetization and fictitious field, respectively. b, Crystal and spin structure of Mn3Sn. Each Mn has a magnetic moment (arrow). c, Magnetic field dependence on the Hall resistivity in Mn3Sn at room temperature.

Research Subjects

  1. Quantum transport phenomena in antiferromagnetic Weyl metals and their applications for spintronics
  2. Search for novel topological magnets and their applications for energy harvesting
  3. Search for novel topological phases and superconductors