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Division of Nanoscale Science

The Division of Nanoscale Science brings together laboratories working on a variety of low-dimensional nanoscale devices and materials. The nanoscale systems that we study are built either by fabricating nanoscale electronic devices, typically by electron beam lithography or focused ion beam milling, or formed spontaneously during thin film growth or by deposition of nanoscale layers on atomically well-ordered surfaces. We use scanning probe microscopes for spatially-resolved physical property studies on surfaces and a variety of low-temperature transport and magnetotransport techniques for materials characterization and property analysis. We have recently started a new microfabrication facility for combining nanoscale materials and device studies with quantum measurement methods available at ISSP. The facility helps researchers to utilize the microfabrication and analytical tools in our laboratories to prepare suitable device structures for a variety of quantum measurements at low temperatures, high magnetic fields, etc. The recent research topics include studies on the exploration of spin-to-charge current conversion phenomena at interfaces and heterostructures, development of spintronic devices, scanning-probe studies of superconductivity and topological states in nanostructures formed on single crystal surfaces, fabricating self-organized nanostructured materials, and the development of new building blocks for quantum computers.

Member(*Leader) Research Subjects
Group's HP
  1. Exploration of peculiar superconducting / topological states using low-temperature STM
  2. Nanoscale detection of magnetic resonances and spin dynamics by microwave-assisted spin-polarized STM
  3. Real-space distribution of spin currents by spin-polarized scanning tunneling potentiometry
  4. Effective collection of local density of states with an assist of data science
Associate Professor
Group's HP
  1. Fractional quantum Hall quasiparticles and their statistics
  2. Dynamics of topological edge states
  3. Quantum transport in mesoscopic systems
Group's HP
  1. Growth of thin oxide films and heterostructures by pulsed laser deposition 
  2. Development of oxide photoelectrode materials for photocatalytic water splitting 
  3. Synthesis of nanostructures and nanocomposite thin films 
  4. In situ tracking of molecular motions and orientations at the air-water interface
OTANI, Yoshichika
Group's HP
  1. Efficient pure spin current generation by magnon-phonon coupling 
  2. Orbital current generation at the interface of light elements 
  3. Current-driven fast magnetic domain wall motion in noncollinear antiferromagnets
  4. Anomalous Nernst effect mapping by local heat flow injection using an atomic force microscope 
Group's HP
  1. Activation and surface reaction of small molecules on model catalysts
  2. Properties and reactions of hydrogen at surfaces and interfaces
  3. Electronic states and reactivity of low-dimensional materials
  4. Dynamical processes of atoms and molecules on solid surfaces using THz pulse
Members holding a concurrent position
MIWA, Shinji
Associate Professor
Group's HP
Main; Quantum Materials Group
Visiting Professor
OKADA, Yoshinori
Visiting Associate Professor