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Hashisaka Group

Associate Professor HASHISAKA, Masayuki      

Research Subjects

  • Fractional quantum Hall quasiparticles and their statistics
  • Dynamics of topological edge states
  • Quantum transport in mesoscopic systems

The interplay of quantum nature and the electron correlation causes exotic phenomena in condensed matter, such as superconductivity, the fractional quantum Hall effect, and the Kondo effect. Our research aims to investigate these quantum many-body phenomena in mesoscopic systems using nanofabrication and our original measurement techniques. The quantum many-body systems sometimes show their peculiarity as the beautiful characteristics of the elementary excitations. The paradigmatic is the quasiparticles in the fractional quantum Hall states. The quasiparticles have fractional charges smaller than the elementary charge. More interestingly, they have anyonic statistics, the quantum statistics that differ from the Bose and Fermi statistics. The quasiparticles with highly nontrivial non-abelian statistics may open a route for synthesizing the fault-tolerant topological quantum computer, thus attracting growing attention in condensed matter physics and quantum computational science. Our goal is to establish such novel quantum technologies originating from the intriguing nature of quasiparticles in quantum many-body systems.

False-color electron micrograph of the fractional-integer quantum Hall junction device. Mismatch between the charge carriers causes Andreev-like reflection at the junction.
Homemade-HEMT-based cryogenic transimpedance amplifier

Publications and Research Highlights