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High-Pressure Synthesis Section

Contact PersonOKAMOTO, Yoshihiko
Technical Specialist GOTOU, Hirotada

The main purposes of the High-Pressure Synthesis Section are to synthesize various (new) compounds and to investigate the behavior of some materials at extreme conditions of high pressures up to 100 GPa or more and high temperatures up to several thousand ºC. Various types of high-pressure apparatuses and related experimental equipments are provided to joint research and internal use.

High-Pressure Synthesis Section

Main Facility

500/700 ton press, Diamond Anvil Cell, X-ray diffractometer, Micro-Raman spectrometer, YAG laser cutting machine, and others including Electric discharge machine, Grinding machine for diamond, Lathe machine, and Modeling machine.

Wakatsuki-type 700 ton cubic press for high pressure and high temperature synthesis experiments up to 4 GPa.