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Masuda Group

Associate Professor MASUDA, Takatsugu
Research Associate ASAI, Shinichiro

Research Subjects

  • Nontrivial hybridized mode in frustrated magnet near quantum critical point
  • Detection of spin wave spin current by neutron
  • Nontrivial acoustic magnon in multiferroics
  • Search of spin liquid

One of the research goals in our group is to find a novel quantum phenomenon and to reveal its mechanism in low-dimensional spin magnets and frustrated magnets. Strong quantum fluctuation or geometrical frustration disturbs the development of trivial magnetic states and induces a non-trivial quantum state. Furthermore, such a state is sensitive to a small perturbation and, thus, the area is frontier of quantum phenomena. Our research topic includes spin liquid, RVB, Cuboc structure, etc. Another goal is to observe a new magnetoelectric effect in multiferroic compounds and/or relaxor magnets. Figure shows inelastic neutron scattering spectrum measured on multiferroics Ba2MnGe2O7. Energy gap at k = 0 of acoustic magnon (T1) mode originates from spin nematic interaction, and its temperature dependence is scaled by electric polarization instead of magnetic moment. The nontrivial behavior of the anisotropy gap can be rationalized as change of the hybridized d-p orbital with temperature.

Inelastic neutron scattering (INS) spectra on Ba2MnGe2O7. (a) False color plot of the INS spectrum measured at 0.05 K. (b)-(e) The INS spectra focused on the low-energy range measured at (b) 0.05 K, (c) 0.9 K, (d) 1.8 K and (e) 2.5 K. (f) Temperature evolution of constant-q cuts.

Publications and Research Highlights