Okamoto Group

Research Associate OKUMA, Ryutaro

Research Subjects

  • Exploration of new materials that exhibit novel quantum phenomena and innovative electronic functions
  • Exploration of novel d-electron systems
  • Development of methods to find novel materials that exhibit outstanding electronic properties

The discovery of a new material has a potential to trigger the evolution of condensed matter physics. We aim at discovering new materials of crystalline solids that exhibit novel quantum phenomena and innovative electronic functions. The main target is inorganic compounds containing transition metal elements. We will explore novel materials by using various synthetic methods with various keywords, such as superconductivity, magnetism, energy conversion, electronic degrees of freedom, volumetric functions, geometrical frustration, topological properties, and spin-orbit coupling in mind. For example, by exploring novel materials with a very high symmetry but a complex crystal structure or those with an ultimate low-dimensional crystal structure, we will find unconventional superconductors, high-performance energy conversion materials, and unique magnetic materials that have an unprecedented spin arrangement.

Regular-triangular “molecule” formation in a cubic material CsW2O6.
A thermoelectric material for low temperature applications: one-dimensional van der Waals crystal Ta4SiTe4.

Publications and Research Highlights