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International Visiting Professors and Researchers

The Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP) recognizes that international collaboration contributes to global physics community by envisioning, creating, testing and implementing new directions. ISSP seeks opportunities to expand collaboration with researchers from around the world through various programs including the International Visiting Professors Program. A new international collaboration initiative started in 2017:

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List of International Visiting Professors

FY 2022
Name Period Research Affiliation Hosted by
Oct. 2022- Mar. 2023 (planned) Electron-phonon coupling in transition metal dichalcogenides and related two-dimensional materials investigated by time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy University of Duisburg-Essen
Assoc. Prof. OKAZAKI, Kozo
KIM, Yongmin
Sep. 2022- Feb. 2023 (planned) Phase transition behavior of VO2 and related crystals, and physical properties of two-dimensional materials under pulsed magnetic fields Dankook University
Prof. MATSUDA, Yasuhiro H.
FY 2021
Name Period Research Affiliation Hosted by
BATZILL, Matthias Marcus
Jun. 2022- Aug. 2022 Electronic and Magnetic properties of Nanostructures in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides the University of South Florida
Prof. HASEGAWA, Yukio
Deputy Director
Sep. 2021- Feb. 2022 (planned) Advanced development of megagauss-field- generation techniques using the single-turn coil method and its application to condensed matter physics Laboratoire National des Champs Magne ́tiques Intenses, Toulouse
Prof. MATSUDA, Yasuhiro H
Assistant Prof.
May 2022- Aug. 2022 (planned) Spin dynamics experiments with magnetic spin Hall effect and antiferromagnetic domain walls in non-collinear magnetic systems Oakland University 
Prof. OTANI, Yoshichika
Dec. 2021- Aug. 2022 (planned) Theoretical study of electrical and thermal transport properties of topological materials: the case of twisted bilayer graphene and Weyl semimetals Université Tunis El Manar(Tunisia) Prof. OSADA, Toshihito
FY 2020
Name Period Research Affiliation Hosted by
Associate Prof.
Nov. 2020- Aug. 2021 Organic crystalline polymorphism in need of structural and energetic precision to improve understanding and control Université Paris
Prof. YAMAMURO, Osamu
CHEN, Shaoqiang
Dec. 2020- May. 2021 Ultrafast Lasing Dynamics and Exciton Effects in Single-Crystal Perovskite Microcavities East China Normal
Prof. AKIYAMA, Hidefumi
Name Period Research Affiliation Hosted by
FY 2019
Prof. KANG, Woun Jul. 2019-Feb. 2020 Properties of Low-Dimensional Metallic Electrons under very High Magnetic Fields Department of Physics, Ewha Womans University (South Korea) Assoc. Prof. OSADA, Toshihiko
Dr. SINGH, Yogesh Nov. 2019 - May. 2020 Search for Heavy Fermion Superconductivity in the
Kondo Lattice Material Yb2Fe3Si5
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Mohali (India) Prof. SAKAKIBARA, Toshiro
Name Period Research Affiliation Hosted by
Prof. CHENG, Jinguang May 2019- Aug.2019 Development of the multianvil module for high-pressure measurements above 20 GPa and exploration of unconventional superconductivity near the pressure-induced quantum critical point Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China) Prof. UWATOKO, Yoshiya
Assoc. Research Prof. DRICHKO, Natalia Sep.2018- Feb.2019 Investigation of magnetic properties of organic Mott insulators κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Hg(SCN)2X (X=Cl, Br) Johns Hopkins University (U.S.) Prof. NAKATSUJI, Satoru and Prof. MORI, Hatsumi
Assoc. Prof. TAKAHASHI, Susumu Sep.2018- Dec.2018 Investigation of surface spin properties using STM-based ESR spectroscopy University of Southern California (U.S.) Prof. HASEGAWA, Yukio
Name Period Research Affiliation Hosted by
Dr. HICKS, Clifford W. May 2018-Aug. 2018 Study of quantum transport of correlated electron systems under uniaxial pressure Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids (Germany) Prof. NAKATSUJI, Satoru
Assoc. Prof. RAN, Ying Jan. 2018-Apr. 2018 Novel correlation-driven physics and photoinduced phenomena in quantum materials Boston College (U.S.) Prof. OSHIKAWA, Masaki
Dr. SALZMANN, Ingo Sep. 2017-Dec. 2017 Corelation of structure and electronic properties of organic semiconductor and charge transfer film and thin crystal Institute for Physik, Supramolecular Systems, Humboldt Univers itat zu Berlin (Germany) Prof. MORI, Hatsumi and Prof. YOSHINOBU, Jun
Assistant Prof. NOVAK, Mario Sep. 2017-Mar. 2018 Weyl semimetals and Murunskite Crystals as new routes in material investigation University of Zagreb (Croatia) Prof. HIROI, Zenji

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List of International Visiting Researchers

氏名 期間 研究テーマ 所属 受入所員
LI, Zhou Nov. 2021- Feb. 2022 Linear and nonlinear terahertz response in Weyl semimetal WTe2 Chinese Academy of Science Terahertz Center Assoc. Prof. MATSUNAGA Ryusuke
Name Period Research Affiliation Hosted by
WANG, Zhe Sep. 2018- Oct. 2018 Quantum criticality of an Ising-like spin-1/2 antiferromagnetic chain – a study by high-field magnetocaloric-effect and specific-heat measurements Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf (Germany) Assoc. Prof. KOHAMA, Yoshimitsu
ZALIZNYAK, Igor Oct. 2019- Dec. 2019 Dimensional Cross-Over and Spinon Confinement in Sr2CuO3 Brookhaven National Laboratory (U.S.) Assoc. Prof. MASUDA, Takatsugu
Hua Chen Nov. 2018- Dec. 2018 Study of novel interfacial and topological effect in Weyl magnets Colorado State University (U.S.) Prof. OTANI Yoshichika
Name Period Research Affiliation Hosted by
ERNST, Arthur Jan.2018- Feb.2018 Electronic states and magnetism of ferromagnetic nitride monolayers with magnetic atoms Institut für Theoretische Physik, Johannes Kepler Universität (Austria) Prof. KOMORI, Fumio
NUGROHO, Agustinus Agung Dec. 2017- Jan. 2018 Exploration of Topological Properties in Correlated Electron Systems Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Institute Teknologi Bandung(Indonesia) Prof. NAKATSUJI, Satoru
CHANDARA, Premala Mar.2018- May 2018 Study of novel quantum phenomena in quadrupolar Kondo lattice Rutgers University (U.S.) Prof. SAKAKIBARA Toshiro and Prof. NAKATSUJI, Satoru

Joint Research by International Collaboration Program

Name Research subject Affiliation Hosted by
SHAHI, Prashant Study of ultrashort pulse laser system D.D.U. Gorakhpur University Prof. UWATOKO, Yoshiya
KIM, Changyoung Ultrafast control of the work function Institute for Basic Science (IBS) of Korea Prof. KOBAYASHI, Yohei
ZHAO, Zhigang Study of ultrashort pulse laser system Shandong University (China) Prof. KOBAYASHI, Yohei
KUMAR, Jitender Search for Multiferroic Nature of Ludwigites at Low Temperatures and High Magnetic Fields Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Pune (India) Assoc. Prof. TOKUNAGA Masashi
YAN, Binghai Surface electronic states of topological matter Wiseman Institute (Israel) Prof. KOMORI, Fumio
SEBASTIAN, Suchitara High-field Hall resistivity on YBCO University of Cambridge Assoc. Prof. KOHAMA, Yoshimitsu
Name Research subject Affiliation Hosted by
BALAKIREV, Fedor Superconducting and Normal State Properties of High-Tc Cuprates in High Magnetic Fields Los Alamos National Laboratory (U.S.) Assoc. Prof. KOHAMA, Yoshimitsu
PORTUGALL, Oliver Measurements of Magnetic-Field Induced Novel Quantum Phases in Multiferroic Materials in World Strongest Magnetic Fields CNRS-LNCMI (France) Prof. TAKEYAMA, Shojiro
KHODAPARAST, Giti Cyclotron Resonance in InAsP films Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) (U.S.) Assoc. Prof. MATSUDA, Iwao
Name Research subject Affiliation Hosted by
GODDARD, Paul High-magnetic-field thermodynamics of quantum spin chainsvv University of Warwick (U.K.) Assoc. Prof. KOHAMA, Yoshimitsu
JI, Sungdae Pressure-Induced Quantum Phases in a Kitaev honeycomb magnet alpha-RuCl3 Max Planck POSTECH/HshinchuCenter for Complex Phase Materials (Germany) Assoc. Prof. MASUDA, Takatsugu