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Campus Map

Kashiwa Campus

campus map

Guide Map of Kashiwa Campus

Institute of Industrial Science
  • ① Research and Testing Complex Ⅱ
  • ② Research and Testing Complex
  • ③ Tensegrity Space / White Rhino
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute
  • ④ Ocean Observation Warehouse
  • ⑤ Laboratory for Accelerator, Mass Spectroscopy
  • ⑥ AORI Main Building
Graduate School of Frontier Science
Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe
Institute for Cosmic Ray Research
⑮ Kashiwa Research Complex
⑯ Kashiwa Research Complex 2
  • Kashiwa Cosmology Information Center, Kavli IPMU
  • Information Technology Center
  • Institute of Gerontology
⑰ Joint Research Building


Synchrotron Radiation Lab. ( in SPring-8 ) , Laser and Synchrotron Research Center

ISSP operates a Outstation Beamline for Materials Science , BL07LSU in SPring-8.

spring8 map

The University-of-Tokyo
Outstation Beamline for Materials Science

Neutron Science Laboratory

The experimental facilities and spectrometers are in the IQBRC, JRR-3 and J-PARC/MLF.

Neutron Science Laboratory J-PARC Guide Map