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液体ヘリウム供給申込システム 液体ヘリウム持ち出し状況 ヘリウム容器液量換算表 窒素ガスメータの入力 ヘリウム在庫量調査 Q & A 掲示板
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Current information.

  Service Contents
  About User Card
Application for LHe supply
  Case of purchased New LHe vessel
  Remarks & other notes
  How to apply LHe
  About LHe vessel
Procedure of lending GHe
  How to check out GHe
  Hours of operations
  Lending period
  Other notes
Application for LN2
  How to supply LN2
Application for GN2(ISSP only)
   How to use the gas
   Rules of input data
Recovery rate
  Year of 2005
  Year of 2004
  Year of 2003
  Year of 2002
  Year of 2001
  Year of 2000  
Technology of GHe recovery
   Set up( check valve and gas meter)
  System information
  Note for using the helium
  Purity of recovery helium
  About the LHe care
   Related books
  Various application forms
  Forms for registration erasion and pause
  Manual for a purity meter
  Table of liquid volume
  News flash
  About a down load file
News from ekikashitu
  Current issue
  Back number
E-mail from us(Japanese Only)
  @person in charge of cryogen user
  About our service
  High pressured gas education of safety text
  Centrifugal liquid helium draw pump
  Inside of liquefy machine
  Cut model of LHe vessel
  Cut model of helium liquefy machine's turbine

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