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Quantum Materials Group

Condensed matter physics has progressed, relying on discoveries of new materials, new phenomena, and new concepts. A good example can be found in the history of research in strongly correlated electron systems, one of the major fields studied in ISSP. On the other hand, breakthroughs have often been made at an intersection of various research fields. The quantum materials group, aiming at another leap forward in our activity, has been created to promote interdisciplinary studies based on the collaboration between the experimental and theoretical groups beyond the conventional research disciplines.

The quantum materials group currently consists of three core groups and nine joint groups. All the groups vigorously conduct collaborative research to discover novel quantum phases and functional materials in correlated electron/spin systems. The activities include new material synthesis in bulk and thin-film forms and their characterization through state-ofart measurement systems. Device fabrication is also carried out for spintronics applications. These experiments are conducted through lively discussion and tight collaboration with theory groups, which search for new topological phases by using an advanced theoretical approach and numerical methods.

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(*1) concurrent with Division of Condensed Matter Science
(*2) concurrent with Laser and Synchrotron Research Center
(*3) concurrent with Materials Design and Characterization Laboratory
(*4) concurrent with Division of Nanoscale Science