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Service Flow

Please apply through "Regular application" twice a year in the first and the second semester. "Urgent application" is available if there is a specific reason. Deadline is the first day of every month and the start date is the first date of the following month.

Regular application
Term Period of use Application period
First semester From April to September From October to December of the previous year
Second semester From October to March From April to June

※Only for Neutron Science Facility, an application is once a year (from October to the beginning of November).

Yearly schedule of Regular application

is for only necessary person.
Process First / Second semester Procedure
Application From Oct. to the beginning of Dec./From Apr. to the beginning of Jun. Submit an application.
Web Application Login (Japanese page)
Judging From Jan. to Mar. / From Jun. to Sep. Proposal Advisery Committee.
Decision of the adoption or rejection.
Result notification.
Pre-experiment procedure Until two weeks before the start of the experiment. Read the "Safety Manual booklet"
Experimet From Apr. to Sep. / From Oct. to Mar. Submit「追加配分申請書
Report Within 30 days after the experiment. Submit「外来研究員実施報告書」
Result registration When the paper is published. Please inform to Joint Research Office ( Kyodo Riyou Gakari ).

Download application forms (Japanese page)