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List of laboratories for Graduate School Students

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This list consists of five groups: Materials science, Nanoscale science, High magnetic field, Laser, synchrotron radiation, and spectroscopy, Condensed matter theory. The label shows schools that each teacher belongs to. You need to pass the exam by one of these schools to purse study at ISSP. Please check the affiliation of your desired faculty in advance since the entrance examination schedule is different by each field.

List of labratories by course

Materials Science

UWATOKO Yoshiya Physics, Science

Ultrahigh-pressure, Superconductivity, Magnetism, Ultra-low temperauture

OSADA Toshihito Applied Physics, Engineering

Quantum Transport and Topological Phenomena in Atomic Layer Materials and Low-Dimensional Electron Systems

NAKATSUJI Satoru Physics, Science

Topological Quantum Phases, Superconductivity, Quantum Spin Liquids, Spintronics, Energy Harvesting

HIROI Zenji Adv. Mate. Science, Frontier Sciences

Material synthesis, Superconductivity, Magnetism

MORI Hatsumi Chemistry, Science Adv. Mate. Science, Frontier Sciences

Developments of novel functional materials and their conducting, magnetic, and dielectric properties

YAMASHITA Minoru Adv. Mate. Science, Frontier Sciences

Ultra-low temperauture, Geometrically-frustrated magnets, Superconductivity, Strong electronic correlated electron system

Nanoscale Science

OTANI Yoshichika Adv. Mate. Science, Frontier Sciences

Spintronics, Topological transport phenomena, Nano-science, Nano-magnetism, Superconductivity

KATSUMOTO Shingo Physics, Science

Quantum transport, Quantum dots, Wires, and other quantum structures, Spintronics, Superconductivity in quantum structures, Quantum many-body phenomena

HASEGAWA Yukio Applied Physics, Engineering

Nano-scale quantum electronic states, superconductivity, spin, and magnetism explored by probe microscopy

MIWA Shinji Adv. Mate. Science, Frontier Sciences

Quantum spintronics, Topological Magnetism, magnetic metal, Electric magnetic effect of organic molecules

YOSHINOBU Jun Chemistry, Science Adv. Mate. Science, Frontier Sciences

Surface & Nano science, Catalysis, Semiconductor, Organic electronics, Synchrotron radiation

Mikk LIPPMAA Adv. Mate. Science, Frontier Sciences

Surface & Nano science, Semiconductor, Oxide thin film, Heterostructure, Oxide photoelectrode materials

Neutron Science

MASUDA Takatsugu
Adv. Mate. Science, Frontier Sciences

Frustrated magnet, Quantum spin system, Multiferroics, Supercrystal of oxygen molecule, Neutron

Physics, Science Chemistry, Science

Chemical Physics, Complex Condensed Matter, Glass, Liquid, Hydrogen, Metal Nano-particle, Metal Organic Framework, Neutron, Calorimetry

Laser, Synchrotron radiation, and Spectroscopy

AKIYAMA Hidefumi
Physics, Science

Laser, Semiconductor, Surface and Nano science, Microspectroscopy, Bioluminescence

HARADA Yoshihisa
Adv. Mate. Science, Frontier Sciences

From structure of water, function of metalloproteins to elementary excitations in strongly correlated systems.

Physics, Science

Attosecond physics by intense ultrashort light sources. Strong field phenomena in solids.

Applied Physics, Engineering

Laser, High-rep rate, high-field physics, Ultra-high repetition-rate laser and ultra-high resolution spectroscopy, Ultra-high precision spectroscopy

KONDO Takeshi
Physics, Science

Topological quantum properties, Superconductors, Strongly correlated systems, Laser, Photoemission spectroscopy

Physics, Science Chemistry, Science

Synchrotron Radiation, X-ray Free Electron Laser, Non-linear phenomena, Dynamics, Monatomic layer, Surface, Interface

Adv. Mate. Science, Frontier Sciences

Superconductivity, Laser, Photo-excited states

INOUE Keiichi
Adv. Mate. Science, Frontier Sciences

Biomolecular spectroscopy, Rhodopsin, Mechanism of function of proteins

Physics, Science

Optical property,Terahertz spectroscopy, Middle infrared radiation source, Nonequilibrium dynamics, superconduction, antiferromagnetic materials, nanoscience

High Magnetic Field

KINDO Koichi
Physics, Science

High magnetic fields, Magnetism, Magnet development

KOHAMA Yoshimitsu
Applied Physics, Engineering

1000T, Superdonductivity, Magnetism, Magnetooptics, Specific heat, NMR, Magnetic resistance

Physics, Science

High magnetic field, Quantum limit, Multiferroics, Strongly correlated electronic systems

MATSUDA Yasuhiro
Adv. Mate. Science, Frontier Sciences

1000 T, Ultrahigh magnetic fields, Strongly correlated electrons, Quantum spins, High-magnetic-field X-ray experiments, Magnetic-field-induced phase transitions

Condensed matter theory

KATO Takeo
Physics, Science

Theory and Simulation, Superconductivity, Magnetism

Physics, Science

Theory & Simulation, Magnetism, Spin glass, Bose system, Massively Parallel Simulation

Physics, Science

Theory & Simulation, Soft Matter and Complex Condensed Matter, Biomembrane, Massively Parallel Simulation

Physics, Science

Theory and Simulation, Magnetism, Bose-Einstein condensation, Topological order, Superconductivity

OZAKI Taisuke
Physics, Science

Computational Materials Science, Large-scale Simulations for Realistic Materials, Development of Computational Methods

Physics, Science

Theory and Simulation, Surface and Nano science, first-principles, Laser, Massively Parallel Simulation

Physics, Science

Theory and Simulation, Strong electronic correlated electron system, frustrated system, Magnetism, Superconductivity

(Last updated: April 1, 2019)