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Joint Research
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Joint Research Application

Systems and statistics

ISSP has been established for joint research with condensed matter scientists in Japan. ISSP has a variety of systems supporting such joint-research activities, through which many outside researchers constantly visit ISSP and utilize our facilities. The ISSP joint-research program is operated by two committees consisting of ISSP faculties and board members outside the laboratory.

Domestic Joint Research

The facilities of ISSP are open to domestic researchers, who are encouraged to submit joint research proposals. In addition, ISSP provides opportunities for young scientist including graduate students across the country to do research for extended periods. ISSP supports travel and research expenses for visitors.

The supercomputer system of ISSP is used via internet by domestic researchers.

For more detail about how to apply: read more Japanese Only

Guest House

Visitors for joint research can stay in the guest house on the Kashiwa campus(28single and 2twin rooms). Please contact "International Liaison Office".


ISSP holds domestic workshops on specific subjects of condensed matter science typically with a two to three-day schedule and one hundred participants. Proposals for workshops are submitted by researchers over the country and selected by the Advisory Committee for Joint Research.

ISSP Colloquiums

ISSP Colloquium is one of important events officially hosted by the laboratory, which aims at having lectures on recent interesting topics for a broad audience. Most of the lecturers are from outside of the laboratory, especially from overseas.

International Activities and ISSP International Symposium

ISSP plays an important role as an international center of materials science. The unique facilities of ISSP have been used in many international collaborations. Many foreign researchers have been spending their early careers at ISSP supported by various fellowship programs sponsored by the Japan Society for Promotion of Science, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and other agencies. ISSP has also been coordinating the US-Japan cooperative research program on neutron scattering since 1981. In addition, ISSP organizes international symposiums and workshops.

International Workshops
Title DATE Participants
Foundations and Applications of the Dnsity Functional Theory 2007.7.19~8.10 120 (20)
2nd International Workshop on Protonics and Nano-Interface of Coordination Chemistry, IWPNICC 2008 2008.3.10~11 52 (8)
International Spring School on "Sub-10 nm Wires" 2008.5.28~30 125 (55)
Topological Aspects of Solid State Physics 2008.6.2~22 111 (26)
Suoercomputing in Solid State Physics 2009 2009.2.16~19 85 (14)
New Developments in Theory of Superconductivity 2009.6.22~7.10 81 (17)
Spin-related Phenomena in Organic Materials 2010.7.1~3 94 (15)
ISSP International Workshop on Soft Matter Physics (ISSP/SOFT2010) 2010.8.9~27 107 (45)
MAterial Simulation in Petaflops era (MASP2012) 2012.6.25~7.13 98(21)
5th Asian Workshop on Generation and Application of Coherent XUV and X-ray Radiation (5th AWCXR) 2012.6.27~29 116(25)
International workshop on 3D atomic imaging at nano-scale active sites in materials 2012.8.6-8 68(10)
Emergent Quantum Phases in Condensed Matter (EQPCM2013) 2013.6.3-21 160(35)
The 2nd DYCE-Asia and ISSP-international Workshop on “Life Science and Photonics” 2013.12.17-18 58(11)
New Horizon of Strongly Correlated Physics (NHSCP2014) 2014.6.16-7.4 161(34)
ISSP International Workshop: Joint Symposium of Polymer Networks and Research Group on Polymer Gels 2014.11.10-14 282(94)
ISSP Workshop"Topological Aspects in Correlated Electron Systems" 2015.3.26 70(8)
ISSP-MPIPKS Joint Workshop, "Dynamics of Strongly Correlated Systems" 2015.3.30-31 89(11)
New Perspectives in Spintronic and Mesoscopic Physics (NPSMP2015) 2015.6.1-19 229(54)
The 18th Asian Workshop on First-Principles Electronic Structure Calculations 2015.11.9-11 197(94)
Topological Phenomena in Novel Quantum Matter: Laboratory Realization of Relativistic Fermions and Spin Liquids 2016.2.29-3.4 90(70)
International Workshop on Tensor Networks and Quantum Many-Body Problems (TNQMP2016) 2016.6.27-7.15 125(35)
The 17th International Conference on High Pressure in Semiconductor Physics (HPSP-17) & Workshop on High-pressure Study on Superconducting (WHS) 2016.8.7-11 110(37)
Theory of Correlated Topological Materials 2017 2017.2.6-3.3 96(38)
Topological Phases and Functionality of Correlated Electron Systems 2017 2017.2.20-22 159(49)
東京大学第5回伊藤国際学術研究センター会議 “Forefront of Molecular Dynamics at Surfaces and Interfaces: from a single molecule to catalytic reaction” 2017.11.20-11.23 196(63)
滞在型国際ワークショップ The International Summer workShop 2018 on First-Principles Electronic Structure Calculations (ISS2018) 2018.7.2-7.12 67(20)
Megagauss Magnetic Field Generation and Related Topics 2018.9.25-9.29 121(61)
ISSP International Symposium
Title DATE Participants
1st The Physics and Chemistry of Organic Superconductors 1989.8.28~30 205 (34)
2nd The Physics and Chemistry of Cuprate Superconductors 1991.1.16~18 258 (11)
3rd Dynamical Processes at Solid Surface 1992.4.21~23 162 (23)
4th Frontiers in High Magnetic Field 1993.11.10~12 191 (38)
5th Frontiers in Laser Physics and Spectroscopy 1995.11.8~10 182 (22)
6th Frontiers in Synchrotron Radiation Spectroscopy 1997.10.27~30 106 (21)
7th Frontiers in Neutron Scattering Research 1998.11.24~27 130 (20)
8th Correlated Electrons 2001.10.2~5 200 (25)
9th Quantum Condensed System 2004.11.16~19 120 (23)
10th Nanoscience at Surfaces 2006.10.9~13 247 (34)
11th Hydrogen and Water in Condensed Matter Physics 2009.10.12~16 107 (21)