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Itatani Group
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We work on the development of intense ultrashort-pulse lasers and their applications to ultrafast spectroscopy on femto- to attosecond time scales. As for the light-source development, we work on the methodology to produce waveform-controlled intense optical pulses and to extend their spectral range towards mid-infrared and THz regions. For the spectroscopic applications, we work on novel methods using strong optical fields and attosecond soft-X-ray pulses aiming for dynamic molecular imaging with attosecond and Angstrom precisions, and also on femtosecond soft-X-ray spectroscopy of solids. By using phase-controlled intense ultrafast light sources and frequency conversion, we expect to produce optical pulses in extremely wide spectral ranges with precise synchronization. We aim to use such ultrabroadband coherent light for observing and controlling the dynamics of non-equilibrium states of matters through various freedoms.

CEP dependences of soft-X-ray high harmonic spectra in the water window produced by an intense IR laser system.
Time evolution of rotational wavepackets in HBr molecules (lower panel) and achieved molecular orientation (above panels).

Research Subjects

  1. Development of intense ultrashort-pulse lasers
  2. Attosecond physics
  3. Observation and coherent control of ultrafast phenomena using strong optical fields
  4. Soft-X-ray ultrafast spectroscopy of solids