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Accommodation Guide

Kashiwa Guest House

Kashiwa Guest House welcomes you to our accommodations located in Kashiwa campus.

For a visiting scientist, professor, student or visitor to ISSP, Kashiwa Guest House can provide you accommodations at affordable prices.

To book a room in the Guest house, please contact the secretary to your host professor.

Guest House Guide

International Lodge

The University of Tokyo owns dormitory "Kashiwa Lodge" and "Kashiwanoha Lodge" for international students and researchers in Kashiwa area.

Housing Information

Hotels near ISSP

Hotel Access TEL
Mitstui Garden Hotel Kashiwanoha Kashiwanoha-campus Station West Exit / 2min walk TEL 04-7134-3131
FAX 04-7135-3181
Hotel del Prado Kashiwanoha-campus Station West Exit / 10min walk TEL: 04-7131-7188
FAX: 04-7133-7877
Hotel SUNOAK Kashiwanoha Kashiwanoha-campus Station East Exit / 10min walk TEL: 04-7135-3009
FAX: 04-7135-3011

Hotels near Kashiwa Station