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International MegaGauss Science Laboratory

newmaterials_photoThe aim of this laboratory is to study the physical properties of matter (such as semiconductors, magnetic materials, metals, insulators) under ultra-high magnetic field conditions. Such a high magnetic field is also used for realizing the new material phase and functions. Our pulse magnets can generate up to 80 Tesla by non-destructive way, and up to 1000 Tesla by destructive (the single turn coil and the electro-magnetic flux compression) methods. The former serves for the physical precision measurements (the electro-conductance, the optics, and the magneti-zation). The multiple extreme physical conditions combining the strong magnetic field with ultra-low temperature and ultra-high pressure are also available, and are open for domestic as well as for international scientists. The magnet technologies are intensively devoted to developments for the quasi-steady long pulse magnet (an order of 1-10 sec) energized by the world largest DC generator (210 MJ), and also to a 100 Tesla class nondestructive magnet. Whereas, the explosive pulse magnets capable of generating 1000 Tesla are oriented for new horizons in material science under such extreme quantum limit conditions.

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