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Organization and Administration

ISSP currently consists of four Research Divisions, two Research Groups and five Research Facilities. Among these, the Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory advances research at the three sites: Kashiwa, Harima (in SPring-8), and Sendai (in NanoTerasu). The Neutron Science Laboratory maintains spectrometers at the research reactor JRR-3 of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency and at MLF, J-PARC in Ibaraki.

Apart from the Research Divisions and Facilities, supporting facilities that include the Laboratory of Nanoscale Quantum Materials, the Cryogenic Service Laboratory, the Machine Shop, the Radiation Safety Laboratory, the Library, and the International Liaison Office, provide services to both in-house and outside users. The Public Relations Office provides information on ISSP activities, and the Information Technology Office handles network-related matters. Counseling Services are also available to students, faculty, and staff for brief counseling and referral services.

Organization Chart
February 2022 updated
Personnel, Number of Faculty and Staff

ISSP openly recruits all positions for professors, associate professors, and research associates. ISSP`s hiring of professors and associate professors is decided by Faculty Meeting. Prior to the Faculty Meeting, the Personnel Selection Council, (composed of nearly equal number of members from inside and outside of ISSP), reviews all candidates. All final hiring decisions of research associates positions are also decided by Faculty Meeting. Prior to the Faculty Meeting, the Personnel Selection Council makes recommendations after reviewing candidates provided by a selection committee.

Selection Council Member List 

Number of faculty and staff members(As of April, 2023)
Position Number Details; Foreign nationals Details; Female Position Number Details; Foreign nationals Details; Female
Prof. 23 1 Project Prof.* 1 0 0
Assoc. Prof. 19 0 Project Assoc. Prof. 1 0 0
Visiting Prof. 0 0 Vositing Assoc. Prof. 0
Research Associates 33 0 Project Research Associates 3 0 0
Research Assistants 1 0 1 Project Researches 49 18 7
Technical Staff 46 0 17 Admin. Staff 60  0 48
Total 240 19 80 
* Included cross-appointment on campus.


Administrative decisions are made in faculty meetings attended by professors and associate professors. The ISSP Advisory Council provides advice on various aspects of administration upon inquiry of the director and is made up from a nearly equal number of University of Tokyo representatives as outside representatives of the broader community.

The Advisory Committee for Joint Usage / Research provides opinions in response to the Director's advice and deliberates and adopts proposals for joint research and workshops and on the use of the facility. The majority of its members are from outside the institute.

The Research Strategy Office headed by the Director proposes future plans to reinforce the research and management of ISSP.

ISSP Advisory Council Member List 

FY2022 Financial Results
Financial result over the past 5 years (Unit: Million yen)
Classification / FY FY2022 FY2021 FY2020 FY2019 FY2018
Operating subsides from MEXT Personnel expenses 1,506 1,368 1,547 1,448 1,523
Property expenses 1,555 1,271 1,415 1,642 1,752
External funding Grant-in-Aid from gaverment agensies and private corprations 778 1,006 1,024 1,392 726
Donations 57.7 42.9 42.4 51.5 39
Science research expenses 386 311 319 412 452
Subsides 35.7 11.4 4.2 29.8 68.8
Indirect expenses 233 324  172 291 123
IP related expenses 0.59 0.38  1.4 0.26 0.34
Special purpose reserve funds 0 4.4 10.6 4.7 1.26
Facility maintenance fee 53.3  -  -
Total 4,604 4,338 4,536 5,271 4,686
External Review

Since 1995, ISSP has undergone an international external review at approximately ten year intervals. The committee, consisting of domestic and foreign experts, evaluate ISSP’s research activities and examine the future directions of ISSP.