Student Guidance for Graduate School in ISSP, UTokyo

4 June, 13:00-17:30

Reception for June 4th is over.
We are accepting individual visits to the laboratories other than the Guidance day. Click here if you would like to register.
Individual visits other than June 4th

Interactive guidance: experience our research environment and cutting edge facilities

Meet ISSP (The Institute for Solid State Physics) professors and researchers and learn about research activities and school life on Kashiwa campus. As a national joint-research institute, ISSP is a research hub for international researchers in the field of condensed matter physics and materials science, and a home to the most advanced experimental facilities.

Guidance on 6/4 will be held as scheduled.

We are accepting individual visits to the laboratories. Please directly contact the laboratory you would like to visit or click the form below to register. Individual visits other than June 4th


4 June, (Sat.) 13:00〜17:30
Lecture Room, ISSP Bldg. A 6F, UTokyo Kashiwa Campus
Reception is over.
On-site50 people ( first come, first serve basis )
OnlineYou can only attend the general explanation parts ( marked with )

Time Table

13:00-13:10Guidance overview
13:10-13:25Director's greetings / Overview of ISSP
13:25-15:10Introductions to research groups A to G
A: Materials Science, B: Nanoscale Science, C: Neutron Science, D: Mega-gauss Science, E: Laser Science, F: Synchrotron Science, G: Theoretical Science
15:10-15:25Explanation of research fields and entrance exams
15:30-16:30Poster session
16:30-17:30Individual research lab consultations ( 20min.×3 sessions )

Laboratory brochure

  • Introduction of Kashiwa campus
  • Addmission schedule of entrance examination
  • List of laboratries

At the live guidance, we will also introduce ISSP’s unique activities such as the Students Support and the Student Overseas Program*. It also Includes interviews on research life and career paths after graduation by seniors.

* Due to the impact of COVID-19, the program is currently suspended.

Faculty members by Research Area

To study at ISSP, applicants need to enroll in one of the following graduate schools. Each graduate school holds a separate entrance examination, therefore applicants should contact their advisor before the application process begins.

A. Materials Science

    Adv. Materials

    Material synthesis, Superconductivity, Magnetism
    Hiroi Gr. Mail

    Appl. Phys.

    Two-dimensional Material, Nanotube, Quantum Rectification, Topological Transport, Superconductivity, Magnetism
    Ideue Gr. Mail

  • MORI
    Chem. Adv. Materials

    Developments of novel functional molecular materials, Organic transistor, Superconductivity, Magnetism, Proton conductivity
    Mori Gr. Mail

  • NAKATSUJI * Phys.

    Topological Quantum Phases, Superconductivity, Quantum Spin Liquids, Spintronics, Energy Harvesting
    Nakatsuji Gr. Mail
    * Faculty of Physics, School of Science (Cross-appointment on campus)

    Adv. Materials

    Crystalline Solids, New Materials, Material Synthesis, Exotic Quantum Phenomena, Electronic Functions
    Okamoto Gr. Mail

    Appl. Phys.

    Topological and quantum properties of low-dimensional / atomic layer materials
    Osada Gr. Mail

    Adv. Materials

    Ultra-low temperature, Geometrically-frustrated magnets, Superconductivity, Strong electronic correlated electron system
    Yamashita Gr. Mail

B. Nanoscale Science

    Appl. Phys.

    Nano-scale quantum electronic states, superconductivity, spin, and magnetism explored by probe microscopy
    Hasegawa Gr. Mail

  • MIWA
    Adv. Materials

    Spintronics, Quantum materials, Chiral molecule, biomolecule, Pulse laser, Synchrotron spectroscopy
    Miwa Gr. Mail

    Adv. Materials

    Oxide thin films, surfaces, inorganic-organic interfaces, heterostructures, oxide electronics
    Lippmaa Gr. Mail

  • OTANI Adv. Materials

    Topological spintronics, Spin charge conversion, Nano-magnetism, Nano-technology
    Otani Gr. Mail

    Chem. Adv. Materials

    Chemical physics and reactions at surfaces / interfaces
    Yoshinobu Gr. Mail

C. Neutron Science

    Adv. Materials

    Quantum spin system, Spin current, Frustrated magnet, Multiferroics, Supercrystal of oxygen molecule, Neutron
    Masuda Gr. Mail

    Adv. Materials

    Molecular mechanism of physical properties of polymer and soft matter systems
    Mayumi Gr. Mail

    Appl. Phys.

    Emergent phenomena of spin origin / Topological magnetic orders/ Multiferroics / Neutron scattering / X-ray diffraction
    Nakajima Gr. Mail

    Phys. Chem.

    Chemical Physics, Complex Condensed Matter, Glass, Liquid, Hydrogen, Metal Nano-particle, Metal Organic Framework, Neutron, Calorimetry
    Yamamuro Gr. Mail

D. Mega-Gauss Science

  • KINDO Phys.

    Study on quantum spin and strongly correlated materials under high magnetic fields
    Kindo Gr. Mail

    Appl. Phys.

    Light, Heat, and Nuclear Spin in High Magnetic Fields
    Kohama Gr. Mail

    Adv. Materials

    1000 T, Ultrahigh magnetic fields, Strongly correlated electrons, Quantum spins, High-magnetic-field X-ray experiments, Magnetic-field-induced phase transitions
    Maysuda Gr. Mail

  • TOKUNAGA Phys.

    High magnetic field, Quantum limit, Multiferroics, Strongly correlated electronic systems
    Tokunaga Gr. Mail

E. Laser Science

  • AKIYAMA Phys.

    Laser, Semiconductor, Surface & Nano science, Microspectroscopy, Bioluminescence
    Akiyama Gr. Mail

    Chem. Adv. Materials

    Biomolecular spectroscopy, Rhodopsin, Mechanism of function of proteins
    Inoue Gr. Mail

  • ITATANI Phys.

    Attosecond physics by intense ultrashort light sources. Strong field phenomena in solids.
    Itatani Gr. Mail

    Appl. Phys.

    Optical science with state-of-the-art lasers
    Kobayashi Gr. Mail

  • KONDO Phys.

    Topological quantum properties, Superconductors, Strongly correlated systems, Laser, Photoemission spectroscopy
    Kondo Gr. Mail


    Optical properties of materials, Laser, Terahertz spectroscopy, Topological semimetals, Spintronics, Ultrafast phenomena
    Matsunaga Gr. Mail

    Adv. Materials

    Superconductivity, Photoinduced phase transitions, Laser, Photoemission spectroscopy
    Okazaki Gr. Mail

F. Synchrotron Science

    Adv. Materials

    Synchrotron Radiation, Liquid, Interfacial water, Battery, Catalyst, Elementary excitations.
    Harada Gr. Mail

    Appl. Phys.

    X-ray microscopy, X-ray free electron laser, ultra-precision machining, X-ray optics, lens-less imaging
    Kimura Gr. Mail

    Phys. Chem.

    Synchrotron Radiation, X-ray Free Electron Laser, Non-linear phenomena, Dynamics, Monatomic layer, Surface, Interface
    I.Matsuda Gr. Mail

E. Theoretical Science

  • KATO Phys.

    Theory & Simulation, Superconductivity, Magnetism
    Kato Gr. Mail


    Computational Statistical Physics, Quantum Many-Body Systems, Tensor Network, Monte Carlo Method
    Kawashima Gr. Mail

  • NOGUCHI Phys.

    Theory & Simulation, Soft Matter & Complex Condensed Matter, Biomembrane, Massively Parallel Simulation
    Noguchi Gr. Mail

  • OKA Phys.

    Theory-simulation, nonequilibrium physics, topological states, biological system
    Kato Gr. Mail

  • OSHIKAWA Phys.

    Universality in quantum many-body systems
    Oshikawa Gr. Mail

  • OZAKI Phys.

    Material Design from First-Principles
    Ozaki Gr. Mail

  • SUGINO Phys.

    Prediction of material properties using computers
    Sugino Gr. Mail


    Theory & Simulation, Strong electronic correlated electron system, frustrated system, Magnetism, Superconductivity
    Tsunetsugu Gr. Mail

Campus Life in ISSP

Explore campus and students life at ISSP
Campus Life

ISSP offers graduate students many opportunities such as conducting joint research at a leading academic and research institution outside Japan. Click here for more details.
International Research Opportunities for Students

Admission Schedule for Oct. 2022/ Apr. 2023 entrance

Schedule for entrance examination varies depending on each school. Please check each school’s homepage for details.

Physics, School of Science

6/29 - 7/5

Application period

Master course


Written exam

9/1, 2, 5, 6, 9

Oral exam
Read More

Doctral course


Written exam


Oral exam
Read More

Chemistry, School of Science


Application period

Master course


Written exam


Oral exam
Read More

Doctoral course


Written exam


Oral exam Ⅰ


Oral exam ⅠⅠ ( for Oct. 2022 entrance )
Read More

Applied Physics, School of Engineering


Application period

Master course

8/29, 30

Written exam


Oral exam

Doctoral course


First exam


Second exam
Read More

Advanced Materials Science, School of Frontier Sciences


Application period

Master course


First exam


Oral exam

Doctral course


First exam - Written


First exam - Oral

Late January

Second exam

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