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Access Map
public access

From Kashiwanoha-campus Station / From Kashiwa Station / From Tokyo Station
From Haneda Airport / From Narita International Airport / By Car
Bus Stop Map at Kashiwa Station

From Kashiwanoha-campus Station
[SHUTTLE BUSI] Station <-> U Tokyo Kashiwa campus
(5min. Free: visitors and students)
[BY BUS] Bus on a regular route
(about 10min. 160yen)
From #1 bus station at the west exit, take the buses headed for
"otakanomorieki east exit / Nagareyama-Otakanomori-eki higashi guchi " (Nagareyama-Otakanomori Station east exit),
"todai nishi / Todai nishi" (Tokyo University west),
"Edogawadai Station / Edogawadai-eki higashi guchi " (Edogawadai Station east exit).
Get off at "Todai mae / Todai mae " (Tokyo University).
[BY TAXI] (5min. about 800yen)
[ON FOOT] (about 25 min.)
Route on Foot
Route on foot

From Kashiwa Station
[BY BUS] (25min. 290yen)
From #2 bus station at * the west exit, take the bus headed for "Kenmin Plaza Keiyu Kokuritsu Gan Kenkyuu Senta / 県民プラザ経由国立がん研究センター (National Cancer Center via Kenmin Plaza). Get off at "Todai mae / Todai mae " (Tokyo University).

* Bus station at the west exit: Going out the central ticket gate, walk toward left for 70 meter and go down the stairs on the left
[BY TAXI] (20 min. about 2,000yen)

From Tokyo Station (JR) to Kashiwanoha-campus Station
[BY TRAIN] (50min. 810yen)
Tokyo Station - (JR Yamanote Line *1) - Akihabara Station - (Tsukuba Express Lineツ*2) -Kashiwanoha-campus Station.

*1 about 3min., 140yen
*2 about 33min., 670yen

From Haneda Airport

[BY BUS] (70 min. 1,540yen)
Take a Tobu/Keihinnkyuuko Highway bus bound for "Kashiwa Eki Nishiguchi / Kashiwa " (Kashiwa Stataion west exit) at stop #13 on the ground floor. A ticket vending machine is set between #8 and #9 stops. You can pay on the bus as well. Get off at "Kokuritsu Gan Kenkyuu Senta / National Cancer Center" (National Cancer Center), which is the first stop after Haneda Airport. Walk to Kashiwa campus.

From Narita Airport

[BY BUS] (75-105 min. 1,700yen, 3 buses a day. ) link toTime Table
  The ticket for Kashiwa Station is available at the Limusine Counter on the arrival lobby (IF).
From terminal 1, go to bus stop #5(Arrival Floor), terminal 2 - bus stop #12(Arrival Floor), terminal 3-bus stop #6(1F)
Please get off at "Kashiwanoha-campus Station", and refer to "From Kashiwanoha-campus Station"
[BY TRAIN] The following three are the recommended transits by train:
  1. Narita Airport - (Keisei Narita Sky Access Line*1) - Higashimatsudo Sta. - (JR Musashino Line*2) - Minaminagareyama Sta. - (Tsukuba Express Line*3) - Kashiwamoha Campus Sta.
    *1 Take the super express train " Access Express". You can buy a reserved seat ticket at the station.About 45 min, 940yen
    *2about 10 min., 170yen
    *3about 10 min., 290yen
  2. Narita Airport - (JR Sobu Line*4) - JR Narita Sta.-( JR Narita Line for Abiko*5)-Abiko Sta. -(JR Joban Line for Ueno*6) - Kashiwa Sta.
    *4 about 10 min.
    *5 about 40 min.
    *6 about 6 min.
    Total 840yen
  3. Narita Airport - (Keisei Narita Sky Access Line*7) - Shinkamagaya Sta. - (Tobu Noda Line*8) - Kashiwa Sta.
    *7 Take the super express train "Access Express". You can buy a reserved seat ticket at the station.About 40 min, 910yen.
    *8 about 20 min, 250yen

Access By Train

By Car

Using the Joban Expressway, get off at the Kashiwa I.C. for Chiba direction (go right after the toll gate) on to the rout 16. Change to the right lane soon. Drive 500 m. and turn right at the first traffic light.