ISSP - The institute for Solid State Physics

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Accommodation Guide

Guesthouse is available. Please contact "International Liaison Office."

Hotels near Kashiwa Station
Hotel name Access Telephone
The Crest Hotel <Kashiwa> West Exit / 3min walk TEL: 04-7146-1111
FAX: 04-7146-1121
Kashiwa Daiichi Hotel East Exit / 5min walk TEL: 04-7162-1111
FAX: 04-7162-1136
Kashiwa Plaza Hotel/
Kashiwa Plaza Hotel Annex
West Exit / 2min walk TEL: 04-7147-1111
FAX: 04-7147-1117
Business Hotel TAKAGI East Exit / 2min walk TEL: 04-7167-2783


Hotel near ISSP
Hotel name Access Telephone
Mitsui Garden Hotel Kashiwanoha Kashiwanoha-campus Station
West Exit / 2min walk
TEL 04-7134-3131 
FAX 04-7135-3181
Hotel del Prado Kashiwanoha-campus Station
West Exit / 10min walk
TEL: 04-7131-7188
FAX: 04-7133-7877
Hotel SUNOAK Kashiwanoha Kashiwanoha-campus Station
East Exit / 10min walk
TEL: 04-7135-3009
FAX: 04-7135-3011