ISSP - The institute for Solid State Physics

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Consists of research reports, essays, and reports of workshops in ISSP. Issued quarterly.

Yearly issued "ISSP Activity Report" summarizes academic activities of ISSP in the past year. The contents are research highlights (including joint researches), coferences and workshops organized or supported by the institute, the list of joint researches and the publication list.

ISSP Digest is issued every year, introducing comprehensive information about the Institute. It provides up-to-date statistics including budget and graduate education, and description about research divisions and groups in both Japanese and English.

ISSP Pamphlet describes overall picture about the Institute in Japanese and English, explaining each research division and group briefly. It also summarizes our program including international cooperation and fact sheets on staff, budget and education.

A brochure shows for students how frontier researchers are conducted in ISSP. It comprehensively describes, for example, a relation between the size of matters and the wavelength of the probing light. It also introduces the facilities which generate the extreme environments to discover novel phenomena and materials.

50 Years of ISSP was issued in celebration of 50th anniversaly of ISSP, which introduces so far achievements in research and development.