ISSP - The institute for Solid State Physics

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Campus Map
Campus area map


Institute for Solid State Physics
A Main Building
B Cryogenic/Multiple Extreme Conditions Laboratory
C Short Pulse Magnet Laboratory
D Advanced Spectroscopy Laboratory
E Laser and Synchrotron Research Laboratory
F Long Pulse Magnet Laboratory
G Institute for Cosmic Ray Research
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
H Transdisciplinary Sciences
I Transdisciplinary Sciences Laboratory
J Biosciences
K Environment Studies
Student Counseling Center (Kashiwa)
International Center Kashiwa Office
L Computational Biology Laboratory
M Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute
N Main Bldg.
O Ocean Observation Warehouse
p Laboratory for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
Institute of Industrial Science (Chiba Experiment Station)
Q Research and Testing Complex Ⅰ
R Research and Testing Complex Ⅱ
S Tensegrity Space
T General Research Building
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute(Division on Climate System Research)
Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering
Center for Spatial Information Science
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (Computational Biology)
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences (Advanced Energy)
Harassment Counseling Center
U General Research Loboratory (under construction)
Supporting Facilities
V Environmental Science Center, Kashiwa Branch Japanese Only
W Kashiwa Library
X1 Sushi bar (Hama Sushi)
X2 Plaza IKOI(Restaurant), Kashiwa Health Services Center
X3 Coop (Academic Shop)
X4 Cafeteria, Coop (Food Shop), ATM
Y Guest House
Z Facility Center
The map around ISSP

map around ISSP