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Kawashima Group

Research Associate

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Our group investigates fundamental problems in condensed matter physics through massively parallel computation using ISSP supercomputers and “K-computer” at Kobe. For this purpose, we also develop new algorithms. As for quantum critical phenomena, for example, we are trying to find a “deconfined” critical phenomena, a new category of quantum phase transition, as a transition between Neel state and VBS state in the SU(N) Heisenberg model. Another target in this area of research is the existence/absence of super-solid phase in optical lattices and in He4 systems adsorbed on graphite surfaces. As for classical systems, we investigate the phase transition due to the Z2 vortex dissociation, an unconventional critical phenomena caused by the symmetry-breaking dangerously-irrelevant field, etc. Our most recent activities are focused on developments of tensor network methods and their applications to frustrated spin systems.

A super-operator that defines renormalization transformation of two-site operators. Each tensor represented by a polygon is computed through MERA.
Scaling-dimensions obtained by solving the eigenvalue problem of the super-operator.

Research Subjects

  1. Search for novel quantum phases and quantum transitions
  2. Numerical methods for many-body physics
  3. General theory of critical phenomena
  4. Disordered systems and computational complexity