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Noguchi Group
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We study soft-matter physics and biophysics theoretically and numerically. Our main target is the physics of biomembrane and cells under various conditions. We develop membrane models and hydrodynamics simulation methods. We found the shape transitions of red blood cells and lipid vesicles in shear and capillary flows using mesoscale hydrodynamic simulations: discocyte-to-parachute, stomatocyte-to-prolate, and prolate-to-discocyte, etc. We also clarified the membrane tubulation by the BAR proteins and the fracture process of polymer materials.

Sequential snapshots of membrane tubulation induced by banana-shaped protein rods.
Fracture of polymer material under axial extension.

Research Subjects

  1. Shape transformation of cells and lipid vesicles
  2. Dynamics of complex fluids
  3. Fracture of polymer materials
  4. Simulation methods of hydrodynamics