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Matsunaga Group
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We investigate light-matter interactions and light-induced nonequilibrium phenomena in materials by utilizing terahertz wave, infrared, visible, and ultraviolet coherent light sources based on ultrafast pulsed laser technology. Especially terahertz spectroscopy can unveil low-energy responses of materials on the order of millielectronvolts which include essential information for dynamical motions of electron, phonon, or spin degrees of freedom in condensed matter physics. Recently-developed intense terahertz pulse generation technique has also opened a new pathway toward optical control of materials by strong resonant or off-resonant excitation. In addition to the development of terahertz generation and detection technique and novel nonlinear spectroscopy scheme, we will contribute on the study for cooperative behaviors in many-body systems like superconductivity or antiferromagnetism and seek hidden transient phases of matters in nonequilibrium system to reveal the functionality of materials.

Research Subjects

  1. Nonequilibrium dynamics of materials induced by strong light field
  2. Development of terahertz generation, detection, and multi-dimensional time-resolved spectroscopy
  3. Study of collective excitations and cooperative phenomena in many-body system