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Laser and Synchrotron Research Center

Laser and Synchrotron Research (LASOR) Center develops new lasers with extreme performance of ultraprecise, high intensity and ultra-short pulse lasers. The cutting edge soft X-ray beamline is also developed using synchrotron radiation. LASOR center is responsible for the advanced spectroscopy such as high resolution, time-resolved spectroscopy, diffraction or scattering imaging, by new coherent light sources based on laser and synchrotron technology over a wide spectrum range from terahertz to X-ray. In LASOR center, a variety of materials sciences for semiconductors, strongly-correlated materials, molecular materials, surface and interfaces, and bio-materials are studied as well as industrial science such as laser processing using advanced light sources and advanced spectroscopy. The aim of LASOR center is synthetic science for photon sciences and collaborations with materials science. Most of the research activities on the development of new lasers with an extreme performance and the application to material science are studied in specially designed buildings D and E with large clean rooms and the isolated floor in Kashiwa Campus. On the other hand, the experiments utilizing the synchrotron radiation are performed at beamline BL07LSU in SPring-8 (Hyogo). We contribute to construct the next-generation synchrotron radiation facility at Tohoku.

Member(*Leader, **Dupty Leader ) Research Subjects
HARADA, Yoshihisa **
Group's HP
  1. Electronic structure analysis of aqueous solutions to study microheterogeneity and interaction at solid-liquid interfaces
  2. Development of in situ soft X-ray spectroscopy for surface reaction of battery catalysts and electrodes, electrochemical reaction, photocatalytic reaction and functionality of metalloproteins
  3. Study on the origin and observation of elementary excitations (crystal field excitation, spinon, magnon, charge density wave, orbiton) in strongly correlated materials
  4. Basic study on ultrahigh energy resolution optics for soft X-ray emission and time-resolved spectroscopy
Associate Professor
Group's HP
  1. Development of phase-stable intense ultrashort-pulse lasers
  2. Generation of soft-X-ray attosecond pulse, attosecond spectroscopy of atoms, molecules, and solids
  3. Observation and control of ultrafast phenomena in strong optical fields
  4. Development of ultrafast soft X-ray spectroscopy
KIMURA, Takashi
Associate Professor
Group's HP
  1. Development of high-precision X-ray optical devices using ultra-precision fabrication and measurement techniques
  2. Femtosecond imaging of samples in liquids using X-ray free-electron lasers
  3. Lens-less Imaging Using Phase Recovery Calculation
Group's HP
  1. Development and precise control of ultrashort pulse laser systems
  2. Fundamental understanding on laser processing
  3. Precision spectroscopy of molecules for medical applications
  4. Cyber-Physical System
KONDO, Takeshi
Associate Professor
Group's HP
  1. Development of a laser-excited ARPES system with ultra-high energy resolution
  2. Superconductivity and topological quantum phase investigated by angle-, spin-, and time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
  3. Strongly correlated physics studied by photoemission with synchrotron radiation
Group's HP
  1. Dirac Fermions in monatomic layers
  2. Study of non-linear X-ray spectroscopy by X-ray free electron laser
  3. operando X-ray experiments to study molecule and carrier dynamics at surfaces
  4. Developments of frontier technologies for undulator beamlines of the next generation synchrotron radiation
Associate Professor
Group's HP
  1. Development of intense, phase-locked terahertz-mid infrared pulse generation and detection technique
  2. Ultrafast nonequilibrium dynamics of many-body systems in solids driven by strong light field
  3. Study and control of collective excitations and anomalous responses in superconductivity and antiferromagnetism
  4. Giant nonlinear responses in Dirac/Weyl semimetals for high-speed electronics and spintronics
Associate Professor
Group's HP
  1. Development of a time-resolved photoemission apparatus utilizing high harmonic generation from a ultrashort-pulse laser
  2. Mechanisms of electron relaxation from photo-excited states and light-induced superconductivity
  3. Mechanisms of unconventional superconductivities by ultralow temperature and ultrahigh resolution laser-based angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
Members holding a concurrent position
AKIYAMA, Hidefumi** Professor
Group's HP
Main; Functional Materials Group
INOUE, Keiichi Associate Professor
Group's HP
Main; Functional Materials Group
Harima Branch
Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
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