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Development of “materials science” is started from discoveries of novel materials with new concepts. The development of novel functionalities (electron and proton conductivities, magnetism, dielectrics, responses by external stimuli such as pressure and electric field, and field effect transistor) has been aimed based upon molecular materials and systems with utilizing intra- and inter-molecular degrees of freedom. The attractive points of molecular materials are 1) that a variety of intra- and inter-molecular degrees of freedoms are designable and controllable, 2) that large Coulomb interactions (electron correlation) reflect the magnetism (electron particle) as well as conductivity (electron wave) in molecular materials, and 3) that large responses by external stimuli are observable due to softness of molecules and strong electron-phonon coupling. In Mori group, novel Mott-type organic superconductor κ-ET2Cu(NCS)2 and charge-ordered-type one β-(meso-DMBEDT-TTF)2PF6 have been developed and characterized (Fig. 1). Moreover, novel electron-proton coupled purely organic conductors, where conductivity and magnetism switching due to coupled deuteron and electron transfers, have been developed and characterized (Fig. 2).

Fig.1. Novel organic superconductors: (i)single crystals of Mott-type κ-ET2Cu(NCS)2 and (ii) electrical resistivities under pressures for charge-ordered-type β-(meso-DMBEDT-TTF)2PF6.
Fig. 2. Switching behavior of electrical resistivity and magnetism due to large deuteron isotope effect in proton-electron correlated purely organic conductors κ-X3(Cat-EDT-TTF)2 (X = H, D).

Research Subjects

  1. Development and studies of structural and physical properties for novel organic (super)conductors and proton conductors based upon molecular degree of freedom
  2. Development and studies of structural and physical properties for electron-proton coupled molecular functional materials
  3. Studies of responses by external stimuli (magnetic and electric fields, temperature, pressure) for molecular materials
  4. Study of organic field effect transistor