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Miwa Group

Associate Professor MIWA, Shinji
Quantum Materials Group
(concurrent with Division of Nanoscale Science)
Adv. Mat., Frontier Sci.
Group's HP
Research Associate SAKAMOTO, Shoya

Research Subjects

  • Spintronics using a quantum material
  • Spintronics using a chiral molecule
  • Operando spectroscopy using pulse laser and synchrotron radiation
  • Brain-inspired computing using spintronics

We study the experimental condensed matter and material physics using high-quality and unique nanostructures. We employ the ultrahigh vacuum technique, which has been used for semiconductor engineering, for the multilayer fabrication with metals, insulators, and organic molecules. We focus on spin and orbital properties, which can be pronounced in nano-structure, and fabricate quantum spintronics devices. Our research purpose is to characterize the novel physical properties of such devices and use them for application. Recently, we study a spintronics device using a quantum material such as Weyl and line-node magnets. We also study a spintronics device using a chiral molecule. We reveal the microscopic origin of the various spintronics phenomena using operando spectroscopy with a femtosecond pulse laser system and synchrotron radiation. Using the obtained knowledge, we design and fabricate spintronics devices showing large effects at room temperature.

a) An example of a unique nano-structure. (b) An example of operando synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy. The origin of the voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy, which is important for future non-volatile random access memory, has been revealed.
(a) Spin and crystal structures of Weyl antiferromagnet Mn3Sn. (b) Using a property of the cluster magnetic octupole, we have succeeded in observing the time-resolved spin oscillation of a metallic antiferromagnet by employing a pulse laser system.

Publications and Research Highlights