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Supercomputer Center

ChairpersonKAWASHIMA, Naoki
Contact PersonOZAKI, Taisuke
Contact PersonSUGINO, Osamu
Contact PersonNOGUCHI, Hiroshi
Project Researcher (PI)YOSHIMI, Kazuyoshi
Technical SpecialistYATA, Hiroyuki
Technical SpecialistFUKUDA, Takaki
Technical SpecialistMOTOYAMA, Yuichi
Project Academic SpecialistARAKI, Shigeyuki
Research Associate FUKUDA, Masahiro
Research Associate IDO, Kota

The Supercomputer Center (SCC) operates a supercomputer system available to all researchers of condensed matter physics in Japan. One can submit a proposal for a User Program to the Supercomputer Steering Committee, and once granted he/she can use the facility with no charge. The supercomputer system consists of two systems: The main system (System B (ohtaka)) and the sub-system (System C (enaga)). In addition to maintaining high performance of the hardware in cooperation with the venders, the SCC also responds to questions and inquiries from users on a daily basis. In 2015, aiming at more efficient usage of the supercomputer systems, we started a new program PASMUS for developing 2 or 3 applications annually based on proposals from the ISSP supercomputer users.

Supercomputer Center

Main Facilities

System B (ohtaka) : 1680 CPU nodes (Dell PowerEdge C6525, AMD EPYC 7702 (64 cores)) + 8 FAT nodes (Dell PowerEdge R940, Intel Xeon Platinum 8280 (28 cores) ×2) (total theoretical performance = 6.881 PFLOPS) System C (enaga) : 252 nodes (HPE SGI 8600, Intel Xeon 6148 (20 cores) ×2) (total theoretical performance = 0.77 PFLOPS)

The supercomputer system B, Ohtaka (Dell PowerEdge C6525/R940)
The Supercomputer System at the SCC-ISSP. (System C will be replaced on April 2022.)