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Materials Design and Characterization Laboratory (MDCL)

The aim of MDCL is to promote materials science through the cycle of three research phases, Design, Synthesis, and Characterization, which we call the "DSC cycle". The MDCL consists of two divisions; Materials Design Division (MDD) and Materials Synthesis and Characterization Division (MSCD). Supercomputer Center (SCC) of ISSP belongs to MDD, while MSCD has eight sections for joint-use; Materials Synthesis Section, Chemical Analysis Section, X-Ray Diffraction Section, Electron Microscope Section, Electromagnetic Measurements Section, Spectroscopy Section, High-Pressure Synthesis Section, and High-Pressure Measurement Section. In MDD, we explore novel mechanisms behind various cooperative phenomena in condensed matter by making use of its supercomputer system, and develop theoretical designs of new materials as well as materials with new nanoscale structures. In MSCD, we synthesize various types of new materials, develop single crystals, and characterize the structural, electromagnetic, and optical properties of the materials by employing various methods. Almost all the facilities of the MDCL are open to domestic scientists through the User Programs conducted by the Steering Committees of the MDCL.

Member(*Leader) Research Subjects
HIROI, Zenji
Group's HP
  1. Search for new quantum materials
  2. Physics of the spin-orbit-coupled metal
  3. Chemistry and physics of mixed-anion compounds
Group's HP
  1. Search for novel quantum phases and quantum transitions
  2. Numerical methods for many-body physics
  3. General theory of critical phenomena
  4. Disordered systems and computational complexity
Associate Professor
Group's HP
NOGUCHI, Hiroshi
Associate Professor
Group's HP
  1. Non-equilibrium dynamics of biomembrane 
  2. Shape transformation of cells and lipid vesicles 
  3. Dynamics of complex fluids 
  4.  Self-organization of active matter
OKAMOTO, Yoshihiko
Group's HP
  1. Exploration of new materials that exhibit novel quantum phenomena and innovative electronic functions
  2. Exploration of novel d-electron systems
  3. Development of methods to find novel materials that exhibit outstanding electronic properties
OZAKI, Taisuke
Group's HP
  1. Development of efficient methods and algorithms for first-principles electronic structure calculations
  2. Development of the OpenMX software package
  3. Development of first-principles methods for X-ray spectroscopies
  4. First-principles calculations of two-dimensional novel structures
YAMAURA, Jun-ichi
Associate Professor
Group's HP
  1. Research of physical properties from the viewpoint of crystal structure
  2. Multi-probe and multi-scale analysis using quantum beams
  3. Science and exploration of new functional materials
YOSHIMI, Kazuyoshi
Project Researcher (PI)
Group's HP
  1. Software development for computational materials science 
  2. Construction and analysis of effective models of molecular materials based on the first-principles calculations 
  3. The exploration of new materials and function prediction using machine learning
Materials Design Division
Supercomputer Center
Center's HP
Materials Synthesis and Characterization Division
Materials Synthesis Section Chemical Analysis Section
Section's HP
X-Ray Diffraction Section
Section's HP
Electron Microscope Section
Section's HP
Electromagnetic Measurements Section
Section's HP
Spectroscopy Section
Sention's HP
High-Pressure Synthesis Section
Secion's HP
High-Pressure Measurement Section
Visiting Professor
OKUMURA, Hisashi
Visiting Professor