Yamaura Group

Research Subjects

  • Research of physical properties from the viewpoint of crystal structure
  • Multi-probe and multi-scale analysis using quantum beams
  • Science and exploration of new functional materials

Our laboratory conducts research on the structural physics of functional materials. Structural physics is a field that clarifies the properties of materials based on the crystal structures, which are the starting point for materials research. By utilizing not only laboratory systems but also various quantum beams like synchrotron radiation and neutrons from multiple perspectives, we work to understand the fundamentals of the mechanism of functional expression through quantum multi-probe and multi-scale analysis that reveals various aspects of materials on a wide range of atomic scales. We focus on a broad range of topics, including practical materials like dielectrics, semiconductors, and solar cells as well as fundamental materials like new superconductors and magnetic materials. Under the guiding principle of "research that is pleasant to create and measure," we do our everyday research while considering how to clarify functions and achieve improved performance.

A highly symmetric and beautiful spin arrangement called all-in-all-out appears below -46°C in Cd2Os2O7, which undergoes a metal-insulator transition. Resonant X-ray magnetic scattering using synchrotron radiation revealed this spin arrangement.
Two-body correlation distribution function analysis using neutrons (left). Polar nano-region of high-k dielectric LaTiO2N (right). The arrows indicate the displacement from the non-polar structure.

Publications and Research Highlights