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Laser and Synchrotron Research Center

Laser and Synchrotron Research (LASOR) Center develops new lasers with extreme performance of ultra-precise, high intensity and ultra-short pulse lasers. The cutting edge soft X-ray beamline is also developed using synchrotron radiation. LASOR center is responsible for the advanced spectroscopy, such as ultra-high resolution photoemission, time-resolved, spin-resolved spectroscopy, diffraction, light scattering, imaging, microscopy and fluorescence spectroscopy, by new coherent light sources based on laser and synchrotron technology over a wide spectrum range from terahertz to X-ray. In LASOR center, a variety of materials sciences for semiconductors, strongly-correlated materials, molecular materials, surface and interfaces, and bio-materials are studied using advanced light sources and advanced spectroscopy. The aim of LASOR center is synthetic science for photon sciences and collaborations with materials science. Most of the research activities on the development of new lasers with an extreme performance and the application to material science are studied in specially designed buildings D and E with large clean rooms and the isolated floor in Kashiwa Campus. On the other hand, the experiments utilizing the synchrotron radiation are performed at beamline BL07LSU in SPring-8 (Hyogo).

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Synchrotron Radiation Lab.      
(*1) concurrent with Divison of Nanoscale Science
(*2) concurrent with Functional Materials Group