ISSP - The institute for Solid State Physics

Lab & Organization
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Organization & People
Vice Director

 Research Divisions
Division of Nanoscale Science
ProfessorKOMORI Fumio
Associate ProfessorHASEGAWA Yukio *
Associate ProfessorLIPPMAA Mikk
Functional Materials Group
ProfessorYOSHINOBU Jun
ProfessorMORI Hatsumi +
Associate ProfessorSUGINO Osamu
Associate ProfessorLIPPMAA Mikk +
Associate ProfessorMATSUDA Iwao +
Associate ProfessorNOGUCHI Hiroshi +
Associate ProfessorHARADA Yoshihisa +
Quantum Materials Group
ProfessorSHIN Shik +
ProfessorHIROI Zenji +
Associate ProfessorYAMASHITA Minoru +
Associate ProfessorKONDO Takeshi +
 Research Facilities
International MegaGauss Science Laboratory
Associate ProfessorTOKUNAGA Masashi
Associate ProfessorMATSUDA Yasuhiro
Associate ProfessorKOHAMA Yoshimitsu
Associate ProfessorOSADA Toshihito +
Center of Computational Materials Science
ProfessorTSUNEYUKI Shinji #
Project ProfessorAKAI Hisazumi
Associate ProfessorSUGINO Osamu +
Associate ProfessorKATO Takeo +
Associate ProfessorNOGUCHI Hiroshi +
Associate ProfessorTODO Synge #
Laser and Synchrotron Research Center
ProfessorSHIN Shik *
Associate ProfessorMATSUDA Iwao
Associate ProfessorKOBAYASHI Yohei **
Associate ProfessorITATANI Jiro
Associate ProfessorHARADA Yoshihisa
Associate ProfessorWADATI Hiroki
Associate ProfessorKONDO Takeshi
Associate ProfessorMATSUNAGA Ryusuke
Project Associate ProfessorOKAZAKI Kozo

URA・Visiting Professor ・Former Faculties
email : E-mail
* : Division Leader or Laboratory Director
** : Deputy Director
+ : Concurrent with Other Division
# : Concurrent with Faculty of Science