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Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory

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The synchrotron radiation laboratory is promoting advanced solid state spectroscopy using synchrotron radiation in soft X-ray and vacuum ultraviolet region. We operate a branch laboratory at SPring-8 to maintain the high-brilliance soft X-ray beamline BL07LSU of the University of Tokyo, where timeresolved soft X-ray spectroscopy and high-resolution soft X-ray emission spectroscopy are utilized to study electronic states and dynamics in new materials. The beamlines, BL-18A, BL-19A, and BL-19B, maintained by the Tsukuba branch at the Photon Factory (KEK-PF) were closed in March, 2014. The advanced experimental techniques, developed and accumulated at the branch, are utilized in experimental stations using vacuum ultraviolet and soft X-ray lasers at Kashiwa campus.

Figure-8 undulators installed in SPring-8, which provide high-brilliance synchrotron radiation into the beamline BL07LSU.

A laser-excited spin-resolved photoemission spectrometer with VLEED spin detector, which enables us to measure spectra with very high energy and momentum resolutions.