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We are investigating the properties of materials through photoemission spectroscopy implemented by lasers in the vacuum-ultraviolet to soft-x-ray region. Photoelectrons carry the complete information of the electrons in solids, namely, their energy, momentum, time, space, and spin. The photoemission spectrometer utilizing the monochromatic laser achieves the energy resolution of 70 μeV, which is the highest in the world. This enables us to directly observe the superconducting gaps and pseudo-gaps of novel superconductors and strongly-correlated materials, as well as the momentum-resolved electronic structures that are closely related to the transport properties of solids. We can also reveal the electron-phonon or –magnon interactions in solids. We are also performing time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy in order to know the photo-induced phenomena in superconductors, transition metal compounds, organic materials, and semiconductors. Furthermore, we are now developing photoelectron microscope in order to know the nano electronic structure in solids. Our aim is to have the nanometer size microscopy of electronic states.

Anisotropic superconducting gap structure of the iron-pnictide superconductor KFe2As2 revealed by ultra-high-resolution laser photoemission spectroscopy. The critical temperature is 3.4 K.
Laser Photoelectron microscopy (Laser PEEM) that has an ultrahigh spatial resolution of 2.6 nm.

Research Subjects

  1. Ultra-high resolution laser-photoemission study on the superconductors and the low dimensional materials
  2. Time-resolved laser-photoemission study on the photo-induced phenomena
  3. Laser photoelectron microscopy on the electronic states of nanomaterials