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2018年度 第2回 :Quantum tricritical points, quantum wing critical points and more in the phase diagram of metallic quantum ferromagnets
日程 : 2018年5月8日(火) 14:00 〜 場所 : 物性研究所本館6階 第4セミナー室 (A614) 講師 : Dr.Valentin Taufour 所属 : University of California, Davis campus 世話人 : 三宅 厚志 (65315)

Studies of the temperature-pressure (T-p) phase diagram of metallic quantum ferromagnets have revealed that ferromagnetic quantum criticality is avoided in two ways [1]: either the transition becomes of the first-order at a tricritical point before being suppressed such as in UGe2 [2,3], or a transition to modulated magnetic phases appear such as in LaCrGe3 [4]. We have shown that the addition of a magnetic field (H) can restore quantum criticality at the end of “wings” in the T-p-H phase diagram in both UGe2 and LaCrGe3 [5]. Our careful study of the “wings” near the tricritical point reveal new rules that apply to the T-p-H phase diagram [6]. We discuss our experimental T-p-H phase diagrams of UGe2, LaCrGe3, and CeTiGe3 and how these compounds illustrate different strength of quantum fluctuations based on recent theoretical results [7].

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(公開日: 2018年05月02日)