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物性研談話会&平成29年度 森野レクチャー「Small and Fast: Coherent Å-fs Chemistry」
日程 : 2017年10月10日(火) 16:00 〜 場所 : 物性研究所本館6階 大講義室(A632) 講師 : Wilson Ho 氏 所属 : University of California, Irvine 世話人 : 談話会委員:杉野修・長谷川幸雄/ 森野レクチャー:吉信淳

Inhomogeneity of different length scales is one of the fundamental characters of space and matter that has its origin in the spatial variations of the charge and mass distributions. While many changes in nature and in the laboratory can be observed with the naked eyes, ultimately the interactions that lead to these changes occur at the atomic scale. In addition, heterogeneity influences the time scale that transformations occur at different locations, and the average time may differ significantly from the local times. The desire to understand and control changes in the charge and mass distributions would require experimental tools that possess simultaneous spatial and temporal resolutions to reveal the heterogeneity.

The relevant scales in chemistry relate to the motions of atoms in molecules that occur at fraction of a vibrational period and <0.1 nm distance. This joint Å-fs resolution can be achieved by the combination of a femtosecond laser with a low temperature scanning tunneling microscope (fs-STM) in ultrahigh vacuum that probes chemical transformations of single molecules. As a first demonstration, the dynamics of the conformational change in a single molecule adsorbed on a metal surface was followed in the time domain, revealing the vibrational reaction coordinate and the temporal decay of the coherently excited state that drives the conformational change [1]. In addition, the effects on the single molecule dynamics by a nearby molecule were determined. These experiments demonstrate the fs-STM approach in probing the effects of heterogeneity in space and time on the chemical dynamics in single molecules.

[1] S. Li, S. Chen, J. Li, R. Wu, and W. Ho, Phys. Rev. Lett., submitted (2017).

Wilson Ho博士は、現在、カリフォルニア大学アーバイン校の物理・天文学・化学科の教授です。1998年に自作の極低温走査トンネル顕微鏡を用いた非弾性トンネル分光(STM-IETS)による単一吸着分子の振動分光に世界で初めて成功しました。その後も、STM-IETSによる単一原子・分子の物性研究のフロンティアを開拓しています。このたび森野基金による外国人招聘制度で来日されます。本談話会(森野レクチャーを兼ねる)では、fsレーザーとSTMを組み合わせたÅ-fsオーダーの時空間分解による単一分子ダイナミクス研究の最前線をご紹介していただきます。

(公開日: 2017年09月20日)