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東京大学第5回伊藤国際学術研究センター会議 “Forefront of Molecular Dynamics at Surfaces and Interfaces: from a single molecule to catalytic reaction”
日程 : 2017年11月20日(月) - 2017年11月23日(木) 場所 : 東京大学伊藤国際学術研究センター(本郷キャンパス・赤門横)

Recently, understanding elementary processes of molecules at surfaces and interfaces is of increasing significance in broad spectrum of research fields ranging from basic science to application sectors. In general, surface and interface play a key role in energy and mass transfers in materials. Applications of nanotechnology in wide industrial sectors have spurred the exploring of various classes of nano-scaled materials and low-dimensional atomic-layer materials that possess exotic properties. Furthermore, progress in experimental and theoretical techniques such as scanning probe microscopy, spectroscopies with synchrotron radiation and lasers and first-principles density-functional theory calculations has allowed us to reveal and control the molecular processes at the single-molecule level. This conference focuses on the dynamics of molecules at surfaces and interfaces, and highlights the topics relevant to

  • Single-Molecule Chemistry and Physics
  • Low-dimensional Materials at Surfaces and Interfaces
  • Dynamical Processes at Model Catalysts
  • Fabrications and Functionalities of Self-assembled Molecular Monolayer
  • Molecular Processes in Green and Environmental Devices
  • Elementary Processes at Solid-Liquid Interfaces

We hope that this conference provides a good opportunity to incubate interdisciplinary and cutting-edge academic disciplines through the communication of researchers working in different fields.
We encourage students in graduated course and award “Surface & Interface Spectroscopy Students Award” and “Best Poster Award” to students who perform excellent presentation in IIRC5. The details are given in Student Awards page.


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