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第9回:Exploration of ferromagnets with large anomaous Nernst effect for energy harvesting applications
日程 : 2017年7月27日(木) 16:00 〜 場所 : 物性研究所本館6階 第5セミナー室 (A615) 講師 : 桜庭 裕弥 先生 所属 : 国立研究開発法人 物質・材料研究機構 磁性・スピントロニクス材料研究拠点磁性材料グループ 世話人 : 中辻 知

Developing energy harvesting technologies is an urgent task for coming IoT society to supply electric energy (uW-mW level) to the numerous sensors independently. Thermoelectric power generation is one of the important techniques to obtain electricity from various types of heat surrounding us, i.e. environmental heat, exhaust heat, body heat etc. In my previous study, I proposed to use anomalous Nernst effect (ANE) in magnets for novel thermoelectric applications. [1-3]. Because ANE generates the electric field to the outer product direction between magnetization and temperature gradient, we can expect to realize different types of TEG having high flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and expandability to large area heat source, compared to conventional Seebeck-based TEG. However, it is necessary to explore ferromagnets having large thermopower of ANE for realizing practical TEG. In this talk, I would like to introduce a strategy to explore materials having large ANE. I also want to show one of my recent studies, ANE in Co2MnAl1-xSix Heusler compounds, which has successfully obtained the highest thermopower of ANE in ferromagnetic metals ever reported. First principle calculation for the off-diagonal part of electric and thermoelectric tensors agrees with the experimental result, which suggests that first principle calculation is strong to explore new materials having large ANE.

[1] Y. Sakuraba et al., APEX 6, 033003 (2013)
[2] Y. Sakuraba, Scripta Materiali 111, 29-32 (2016)
[3] Y. Sakuraba and K. Takanashi, パリティ 2014, 6月号

(公開日: 2017年07月24日)