All the programs have finished. We thank all participants for their contributions.

The ISSP International Workshop, “New Horizon of Strongly Correlated Physics” (NHSCP2014) was held at the Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP), The University of Tokyo, from June 16 to July 4, 2014.


The NHSCP2014 workshop shall cover exotic quantum properties of strongly correlated systems. Unconventional superconductivity, frustrated magnets, heavy fermion systems, Mott transition and spin-orbital order in transition metal compounds, and cold atom systems will be discussed along with other interesting subjects. Another important issue of the workshop is the new developments and applications of numerical approaches to strongly correlated systems. Dynamical mean-field theory is one example and its application will be discussed for superconducting phases and non-equilibrium states.

Organizers: Hirokazu Tsunetsugu (chair, ISSP), Kazuo Ueda (ISSP), Hiroaki Kusunose (Ehime Univ.), Akihisa Koga (Tokyo Tech.), Junya Otsuki (Tohoku Univ.)
Science Advisor: Philipp Werner (Univ. Fribourg)

Program   Abstract Booklet  

1st week
Jun.16   10:30 11:30 Markus Garst   (Univ. Koeln)
     Mott metal-insulator transition on compressible lattices file
Jun.17   10:30 11:30 Takami Tohyama   (Tokyo Univ. Science)
      Nonequilibrium electron dynamics in one-dimensional extended Hubbard model file
Jun.18   10:30 11:30 Vladimir Maryasin   (Univ. Grenoble Alpes)
     Order by structural disorder in frustrated Heisenberg triangular antiferromagnet file
    16:00 16:30 Toshihiro Sato   (RIKEN)
      Dynamics change at the Mott transition: examination of doublon dynamics in a triangular-lattice Hubbard model file
Jun.19   10:30 11:30 Tatsuya Fujii   (ISSP)
     Pomeranchuk instability for ion diffusion in NaxCoO2
    16:00 16:30 Seiichiro Suga   (Univ. Hyogo)
      Pairing symmetry of superfluid in three-component repulsive fermionic atoms in optical lattices   file
Jun.20   10:30 11:30 Shintaro Hoshino   (UTokyo, Meguro)
     Odd-frequency superconductivity in two-channel Kondo lattice and its electromagnetic response   file
    16:00 17:00 Sebastian Schmidt   (ETH Zurich)
      (ISSP Theory Seminar) Flat band physics with strongly correlated photons   file
2nd week
Jun.23   10:30 11:30 Akihisa Koga   (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
     Superfluid state in the multi-component fermionic optical lattice systems   file
    13:00 15:00 Japanese calligraphy workshop (culture activity)
    16:00 17:00 Kazumasa Hattori   (ISSP)
      Application of continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo to impurity problems in Tomonaga-Luttinger liquids   file
Jun.24   10:30 11:30 Junya Otsuki   (Tohoku Univ.)
     Dual fermion approach to unconventional superconductivity and spin/charge density wave file
    16:00 16:30 Jun Goryo   (Hirosaki Univ.)
      Pairing states in Kane-Mele-based systems file
Symposium (1st day)
    10:00 10:10
    [S1A] Dynamical Mean Field Approach and related topics
    10:10 10:35 Emanuel Gull   (Univ. Michigan)
     Equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of quantum impurities: Insight from diagrammatic Monte Carlo methods on the real-time contour file
    10:35 11:00 Michael Potthoff   (Univ. Hamburg)
      Inverse indirect magnetic exchange file
    11:00 11:25 Ryotaro Arita   (CEMS, RIKEN)
     Momentum differentiation enhanced by Hund's coupling: A multi-orbital cluster DMFT study file
    11:25 11:50 Hartmut Hafermann   (CEA Gif-sur-Yvette)
      Diagrammatic extensions of dynamical mean-field theory: applications and insights file
    11:50 12:15 Takasada Shibauchi   (UTokyo, Kashiwa)
     Quantum criticality and unconventional superconductivity in iron-pnictides file
    12:15 13:30
    [S1B] Heavy Fermion Systems and Multipole Orders
    13:30 13:55 Yoshio Kuramoto   (Tohoku Univ.)
     How to remove entropy in two-channel Kondo lattice   file
    13:55 14:20 Takahiro Onimaru   (Hiroshima Univ.)
      Quadrupolar ordered phases in Pr-based superconductors PrT2Zn20 (T = Rh and Ir) file
    14:20 14:45 Hiroaki Kusunose   (Ehime Univ.)
     Spontaneous parity breaking by electron correlations file
    14:45 15:10 Koichi Izawa   (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
      Unusual transport in Pr 1-2-20 system with non-Kramers doublet ground state
    15:10 15:25
group photo
    15:25 15:50
    [S1C] Quantum Spin Systems and Frustration I
    15:50 16:15 Alexander Chernyshev   (UC Irvine)
     Odd interactions in quantum magnets and liquids file
    16:15 16:40 Yukitoshi Motome   (UTokyo, Hongo)
      Vaporization of a quantum spin liquid  file
    16:40 17:05 Michael Zhitomirsky   (CEA Grenoble)
     Novel physics of dirty magnets: from "order by quenched disorder" to spin dynamics file
    17:05 17:30 Takashi Oka   (UTokyo, Hongo)
      Floquet topological phase transitions: Control of solid state systems by laser file
Symposium (2nd day)
    [S2A] Superconductivity
    9:30 9:55 Masatoshi Imada   (UTokyo, Hongo)
     Mechanism of superconductivity for iron-based superconductors revealed by ab initio studies   file
    9:55 10:20 Daniel Agterberg   (Univ. Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
      FFLO-like state in oxide interface superconductors   file
    10:20 10:45 Julien Garaud   (Univ. Massachusetts Amherst)
     Topological defects and their experimental signature in s+is superconductors   file
    10:45 11:00
    [S2B] Topological Properties
    11:00 11:25 Thomas Dahm   (Bielefeld Univ.)
     Topological insulators and ferromagnets: appearance of flat surface bands   file
    11:25 11:50 Hosho Katsura   (UTokyo, Hongo)
      Exact ground states of an interacting Kitaev/Majorana chain   file
    11:50 12:15 Andreas Schnyder   (MPI Stuttgart)
     Topological classification of insulators, semi-metals, and superconductors   file
    12:15 13:30
    [S2C] Novel Numerical Approaches and Nonequilibrium Phenomena
    13:30 13:55 Tao Xiang   (Chinese Acad. Sciences)
     Renormalization of quantum many-body systems by the projected entangled simplex states   file
    13:55 14:20 Naoki Kawashima   (ISSP)
      Numerical attempts to observe deconfined criticality   file
    14:20 14:45 Martin Eckstein   (Univ. Hamburg)
     Ultrafast laser control of the magnetic exchange interaction   file
    14:45 15:10 Yasuyuki Kato   (CEMS, RIKEN)
      Quantum Monte-Carlo study of deconfined bosonic spinons, a Higgs-confining transition, and two crossovers in quantum spin ice   file
    15:10 15:25
    15:25 17:30  
    18:00 20:00
Symposium (3rd day)
    [S3A] Quantum Spin Systems and Frustration II
    9:30 9:55 Federico Becca   (SISSA, Trieste)
     Gapless spin liquids in frustrated Heisenberg models   file
    9:55 10:20 Minoru Yamashita   (ISSP)
      Study of elementary excitations of two-dimensional quantum spin liquids
    10:20 10:45 Oleg Tchernyshyov   (Johns Hopkins Univ.)
     Quantum spin liquids and gauge theories   file
    10:45 11:00
    [S3B] Metal-Insulator Transition and Superconductivity
    11:00 11:25 Zenji Hiroi   (ISSP)
     Metal–insulator transition of VO2   file
    11:25 11:50 Elena Bascones   (ICMM-CSIS, Madrid)
      Correlations and magnetism in iron superconductors   file
    11:50 12:15 Youichi Yanase   (Niigata Univ.)
     Chiral superconducting state of Sr2RuO4 and URu2Si2 in the magnetic field   file
    12:15 13:30
    [S3C] Strongly Correlated Metals
    13:30 13:55 Norio Kawakami   (Kyoto Univ.)
     Kondo effect in layered heavy-fermion systems   file
    13:55 14:20 Srinivas Raghu   (Stanford Univ.)
      Wilsonian and Large N approaches to non-Fermi liquid behavior at quantum critical points   file
    14:20 14:45 Masao Ogata   (UTokyo, Hongo)
     Crossover between BCS superconductor and doped Mott insulator, and possible normal states in the two-dimensional Hubbard model   file
    14:45 15:10 Karsten Held   (Vienna Univ. Tech.)
      A poor man’s explanation of kinks in strongly correlated electron systems   file
    15:10 15:20
3rd week
Jun.30   10:30 11:30 Tetsuya Takimoto   (Hanyang Univ.)
     Topological Kondo Insulator SmB6   file
    16:00 16:30 Robert Peters   (RIKEN)
      Spin density waves in heavy fermion systems   file
Jul. 1   10:30 11:30 Deniz Golez   (Univ. Fribourg)
     Lifshitz phase transitions in Kondo lattice model
    16:00 16:30 Masafumi Udagawa   (UTokyo, Hongo)
      Domain wall creation by electric current in All-in/All-out magnets
Jul. 2   10:30 11:30 Joji Nasu   (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
     Kitaev physics in strongly correlated electron systems with spin-orbit coupling   file
    16:00 16:30 Keisuke Totsuka   (YITP, Kyoto Univ.)
      Symmetry-protected topological Mott phases of ultra-cold fermions in one dimension
Jul. 3   10:30 11:30 Naoto Tsuji   (UTokyo, Hongo)
     Anderson pseudospin resonance with Higgs mode in superconductors   file
    16:00 16:30 Masaki Tezuka   (Kyoto Univ.)
      Interacting cold atoms on quasiperiodic lattices: dynamics and topological phases   file
Jul. 4   10:30 11:30 Yuki Kawaguchi   (UTokyo, Hongo)
      Goldstone-mode instability in a spinor Bose-Einstein condensate   file
Poster Session   (Jun. 26, 15:25-17:30)
   PS-01  Kenji Harada   (Kyoto Univ.)
     Symmetry-protected topological order and negative-sign problem for SO(N) bilinear-biquadratic chains   file
   PS-02   Kazumasa Hattori   (ISSP)
      Continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo method for quantum impurity in Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid
   PS-03  Hans-Georg Matuttis   (Univ. Electro-Comm.)
     The Fermionic Minus-Sign Problem: New perceptions from higher-order Suzuki-Trotter decomposition methods   file
   PS-04   Toru Sakai   (JAEA, SPring-8)
      Novel field-induced quantum phase transitions in the Kagome-lattice antiferromagnet and related systems   file
   PS-05  Toshikaze Kariyado   (Univ. Tsukuba)
     Bulk-edge correspondence with the Berry phase: Symmetry and fractional quantization
   PS-06   Masaaki Nakamura   (IIS, UTokyo)
      One-dimensional description of various fractional quantum Hall systems
   PS-07  Hikaru Ueki   (Hokkaido Univ.)
     Propagation of zero sound in dilute gases   file
   PS-08   Kazumasa Tsutsui   (Hokkaido Univ.)
      Studying BEC with a new self-consistent approximation   file
   PS-09  Masaki Tezuka   (Kyoto Univ.)
     Phase diagram and quench dynamics of one-dimensional cold gases with power-law interactions
   PS-10   Kazushi Aoyama   (Kyoto Univ.)
      Inhomogeneous noncentrosymmetric superconductors in magnetic fields   file
   PS-11  Masahisa Tsuchiizu   (Nagoya Univ.)
     Spin triplet superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 due to orbital and spin fluctuations: RG+cRPA analysis
   PS-12   canceled
   PS-13  Kazuhisa Nishi
     A composite fermion model of high-temperature superconducting cuprate
   PS-14   Masaya Nakagawa   (Kyoto Univ.)
      Dynamical melting of a Mott insulator induced by Kondo effect
   PS-15  Nayuta Takemori   (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
     Local electron correlation in quasi-periodic systems   file
   PS-16   Shin Miyahara   (Fukuoka Univ.)
      Theory of magnetoelectric effects in multiferroics BiFeO3
   PS-17  Takuya Sugimoto   (UTokyo, Kashiwa)
     Electronic structure of quantum spin-liquid compound Ba3CuSb2O9
   PS-18   Hiroshi Watanabe   (CEMS, RIKEN)
      Superconductivity and metal-insulator transition in Sr2IrO4

This workshop is supported by Elements Strategy Initiative Center for Magnetic Materials (ESICMM)