For Employees / Long-term Visitors

While You Are at ISSP

UTokyo Wifi (for the university's students and employees) and eduroam Wifi connections are available across the Kashiwa Campus. In addition, your host labs perhaps use their own wireless routers in their offices. Off campus, you can find free Wifi service at restaurants and convenience stores such as MacDonald's, Starbucks, Seven-Eleven, and FamilyMart, although the number of such locations is relatively limited.

Where to Eat
(1) Cafeteria (Right in front of the ISSP building)
Weekdays 11:30-20:00
Saturdays 11:30-13:30
Sundays and holidays Closed

(2) Plaza Ikoi (In addition to offering regular menu items, this cafeteria has a sell-by-weight food bar named "Gram Deli.")
   Drink bar: 11:30-20:00
   Gram Deli:11:30-14:30
  Noodles and other dishes:11:30-14:00// 17:00-20:00
   Drink bar & Gram Deli:11:30-14:00
Sundays and holidays

(3) Co-op Food Shop & Cafe (The food shop sells boxed meals, rice balls, sandwiches, snacks, etc. The cafe offers sandwiches, cakes, and a variety of drinks)
Food Shop Weekdays 10:00-19:00
CafeWeekdays 12:00-17:30
(Weekends & holidays: Closed)

(4) Sushi Restaurant "Hama" (Near the AORI building)
Weekdays 11:30-15:00// 17:00-21:30
(Sundays & Holidays Closed)

Japanese Class
Japanese classes for international researchers and students are available on Kashiwa campus. More details are available here.

Health Service Center
This on-campus health service center provides medical consultation and treatment, medical check-ups, and other related services. For more information, click here.

On the sixth floor of the ISSP main building is ISSP Library. This institute's own library is a part of the library system of the University of Tokyo, which also includes the Kashiwa Library.

Other Useful information
Usful information for your campus life is available on the website of the Kashiwa Internationl Office. Among such useful resources are included the Handbook of Kashiwa Camps Life and the Orientation Guidebook on Kashiwa Campus, The University of Tokyo. Hard copies of these publications are also available in your host laboratory and the International Liaison Office.