University Links


Kashiwa International Office(KIO)
UTokyo Internaitonal Center
Kashiwa Campus Map
Orientation Guidebook on Kashiwa Campus



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan(MoFA)
Immigration bureau of JAPAN
  >>> Visa Consulting Service
Kashiwa City Hall
Nagareyama City Hall

Hospital Service


On-campus Health Service Centers
Kashiwa City Medical Association

Nursery & School


Nursery on Kashiwa Campus

Living Information


Seven Bank --- You can use your credit card at 7-11 ATM(& Post Office ATM)
Post Office

Transportation & Sightseeing


Train Route Finder(Jorudan) --- English Route Finder USEFUL!
Japan Automobile Federation(JAF) --- For Driving Lisence
Japan: the Official Guide(JNTO) --- Travel Information by Japanese Government
Go Tokyo --- Tokyo Travel Guide

Disaster Preparedness


Important Info against Earthquakes by FDMA
Tsunami Preparation by FDMA