For Employees / Long-term Visitors

After You Arrive

Resident Registration & Social Security and Tax Number ("My Number")
If you receive a Residence Card at the port of entry (i.e., the airport you first landed in Japan), your residence in Japan needs to be registered in the local municipal office within 14 days after moving in to the new place. The registered address will be written on the back side of your Residence Card. At the municipal office, the procedures for your "My Number" (Japan's social security and tax numbering system) will also be conducted. The notification of your My Number will be sent to your housing on a later date. Once you receive the notification, please tell the number to your group secretary. Your My Number will remain the same in your lifetime; therefore please keep the notification card with you for possible future use, even after you leave Japan.
For more information, see here.

Health Insurance and Pension
All residents in Japan, regardless of their nationality, are required to enroll in a health insurance program and a pension plan in Japan.
  If you are a full-time employee of ISSP, you will be enrolled in the MEXT mutual aid association’s health insurance and pension programs. Please ask your group secretary regarding necessary forms to fill out.
  If you are not an ISSP employee, you will be enrolled in the National Health Insurance and Pension programs. The insurance premiums are determined based on your Japanese income in the previous year. Only for the pension plan, you will be exempted from paying the pension contributions for the first year. When you enroll in the pension plan, you can apply for the exemption from pension contribution payment at the same time. Please note that from the second year, you are required to pay your pension contribution and there is no exemption from paying the health care insurance premium.

Opening a Bank Account
To receive your salary from ISSP, you need to open a bank account in Japan unless you have one already. To open an account, you must visit the bank in person, because this process cannot be done by proxy. When it comes to the question of which bank you should open an account with, Japan Post Bank is one of our recommendations. They have many branches and ATMs across the country and the requirements for opening an account are less strict than most other banks. Be sure to bring your Residence Card with the registered address written on its back.